9 Honeymead Lane

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9 Honeymead Lane
Region: The Shire
Area: The Yondershire
Settlement: Nobottle
Location: [27.4S, 79.1W]

9 Honeymead Lane is a hobbit-burrow in Nobottle. [27.4S, 79.1W]

The Exterior of 9 Honeymead Lane

This is the home of Magetha Grubb, the house next-doors to where Angelica Boffin now lives.

Access is allowed from the related quest and thereafter.


Camellia Boffin
Magetha Grubb




  • Enid - Bird
  • Grumble - Dog
  • Gruntius Took - Pig
  • Hazel - Cat
  • Mother Lissome - Cat
  • Nosewise - Dog
  • Old Terrible - Goose
  • Sir Snips - Bird
  • Treacle Tom - Goat