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This page is about the instance. For the location, see Ghashan-kútot, the Halls of Black Lore
Level: 121 - 150
Size: Solo/Duo, Fellowship(6)
Cluster: Minas Morgul
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Minas Morgul
Location: [68.0S, 0.7E]


This instance is part of the Minas Morgul Instance Cluster.

Ghashan-kútot, the Halls of Black Lore
"Long ago, this was a great hall of Númenórean wisdom and learning. A shining beacon high in the Moon-lit City. Until it was set to the torch by the Witch-king, and from the ashes, an endless repository of sorceries and secrets; the blackest knowledge. Here, I continue my life's work."

Difficulty Level

This is a scaled instance, designed for a Solo / Duo or Fellowship (6 players) level 121 and up.
It is available in the Instance Finder after completing the deed Discovery: Ghashan-kútot - the Hall of Black Lore.
Estimated completion time is between <40 - 60> minutes.



Known Deeds for this instance (usually bestowed upon first entrance) include:



These mobs are encountered within Ghashan-kútot:

Click [+] to expand a list of creatures.

Instance Overview

After defeating the Warden of the Archive, the boss fights become available. These are 3 series of fights.

  • Bosses no. 1-3: These change from week to week. Possible sets include:
   * Vrarz the Cook - Udúnion - The Ring-forge of Orthanc
   * Caerlûg - The Lost One - Gurvand
   * Gurthúl - Gúrthul - Gorothúl
  • Boss no. 4: This changes weekly. Possible bosses include:
   * Skorgrím Dourhand surrounded by a ring of Dourhand dwarves. They cause damage if you are knocked back to them.
   * Núrzum

Walk-through and Tactics

< Basic walk-through commentary>

  • Tier 1
  • Clear mobs until you get to the center courtyard, where above and to your right (north) sits Dolguzigir. Approach his throne and he will start a dialogue, after which the Chronicle of the Third Age book will appear in the middle of the courtyard. You will read (use) this book to spawn a series of bosses, each of which you must defeat before proceeding to the next phase. Stay near the middle of the courtyard before reading the book so you and/or the NPCs are not caught outside when the bosses start to spawn.
  • Defeat three bosses, read the book again, and defeat one more, then make your way up the staircase under the throne and defeat Dolguzigir

  • Tier 2
  • Tier 3


  • If running Solo/Duo and you have Faeron and Rhadrog with you, they tend to get stuck on all the stairs and bookshelves


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