Torech Ungol (Morgul Vale landmark)

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This page is about the dungeon in Imlad Morgul. For the area in Imlad Morgul, see Torech Ungol (Imlad Morgul) and for the landmark in Gorgoroth, see Torech Ungol.

Torech Ungol
Region: Morgul Vale
Area: Torech Ungol
Location: [61.4S, 4.5E]

Torech Ungol (Sindarin for Lair of the Spider) is a landmark in the Morgul Vale, in the area of the same name.

The pass of Cirith Ungol was rarely left unguarded, but few only would dare to make the crossing while the Orcs of the tower could spy on them from above. The worse and far greater danger was spoken of only in whispers, for few good fold knew even rumour of it. Some dark terror dwelled in the tunnel of Torech Ungol, through which the path must lead. Even should a traveller make it safely through the web-haunted passage, the tunnel gave way to a chasm open to the sky but riddled with cave-mouths on each cliffside from which any foe might have the advantage of surprise. No tactician would advise taking that road.

It was the favourite hunting-ground of Ungwetári, last daughter of Ungoliant, and only the very foolish or the very desperate should go that way.

The tunnels of Torech Ungol are thick with spiderwebs and their makers. An incredibly dangerous place and feared even by servants of Sauron, it is the domain of Shelob, known also as Ungwetári, and dared only at great risk or need. Deep within lies the entrance to the Remmorchant, Shelob's deepest and darkest tunnels.



These deeds can be advanced by visiting Torech Ungol.