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About Me

I am from California and I've been gaming for as long as I can remember but have never played a MMO before. Then I heard about The Lord of the Rings Online being released free to play. Having always been a Tolkien fan, it seemed like the perfect time to try. So shortly before Thanksgiving 2010, I created my account.

Now days, I have played a few other MMOs, Star Wars: The Old Republic, TERA: Rising, Age of Conan: Unchained. While all of these games are good in their own right, I always find myself drawn back to Lotro and it's wonderful world and story.

My characters were found mainly on the Dwarrowdelf world, one of the worlds created at the time of conversion to free to play. A few days after starting play and after several attempts at trying to find a recruiting kinship, I started my own called the Green Leaf Order. Now due to world closures, Dwarrowdelf is no more. My characters and kinship have made the journey to the world of Gladden.

On LOTRO-Wiki I have mainly attempted to keep the Deeds updated and corrected, although I keep my eye out for anything I can add to.

Below are the characters you will find me playing... and yes I have collected the whole set. At least one of every class and race (except the High Elf new addition).

Characters on Gladden

Character Race Gender Class Level Vocation Profession 2ndary Profession
Sibannac Man Male Champion-icon.png Champion 115 Historian Scholar Farmer
Gaunja Elf Female Hunter-icon.png Hunter 114 Yeoman Cook Farmer
Vaporizer Hobbit Male Burglar-icon.png Burglar 111 Armsman Weaponsmith Prospector
Mota Hobbit Female Minstrel-icon.png Minstrel 105 Armourer Metalsmith Prospector
Canamo Man Male Captain-icon.png Captain 102 Tinker Jeweller Prospector
Chillum Elf Male Lore-master-icon.png Lore-master 101 Tinker Jeweller Prospector
Indika Elf Female Rune-keeper-icon.png Runekeeper 101 Woodsman Woodworker Forester
Hashe Man Female Warden-icon.png Warden 101 Explorer Tailor Forester / Prospector
Kanebis Beorning Male Beorning-icon.png Beorning 100 Explorer Tailor Forester / Prospector
Roellin-1 Dwarf Guardian-icon.png Guardian 100 Armourer Metalsmith Prospector