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An Historian: as Farmer, Scholar, Weaponsmith
Armourer, Armsman, Explorer
Historian, Tinker
Woodsman, Yeoman
Crafting Guide
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"Historians are unique in their access to the Scholarly arts, allowing them to research ancient lore and use their discoveries to the advantage of their fellows. In addition, a Historian has the more practical talents of cultivating land and forging the blades that are so often spoken of in the histories they study."

The world of Middle-earth is ancient and varied, and for we Historians, our goal is to understand it, from the mystical to the mundane. A Historian has three main areas of study. First and foremost, we are students of Scholarly arts, focused on collecting relics of earlier ages and putting that knowledge to practical use. In addition, our studies of historical weapons have led us to learn their craft, and our near universal appreciation for pipe-weed has led many of us to learn the secrets of its cultivation.

Professions: Scholar, Farmer, Weaponsmith