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Armourer, Armsman, Explorer
Historian, Tinker
Woodsman, Yeoman
Crafting Guide
Crafted Items

"Armourers can create a wide variety of armour, but they specialize in heavy armour and shields. Capable miners and smelters, they can procure and prepare the metal they need. While they can craft clothes and leather armour, they will need to trade for the tanned hides required. This is an excellent choice of trade for one who relies on heavy armour and shields."

The forces of the Free People are outnumbered, and the might of the Enemy's forces is evident. A skilled warrior must not only defeat his opposite number, he must survive! To do so requires an Armourer, to create defensive gear that can turn aside a Troll's blade if need be! A skilled Armourer is both a Metalsmith and a Tailor, and can gather his own metals via Prospecting.

Professions: Metalsmith, Prospector, Tailor