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Woodsman as Forester (harvesting wood and tanning hides), Farmer and Woodworker
Armourer, Armsman, Explorer
Historian, Tinker
Woodsman, Yeoman
Crafting Guide
Crafted Items

"Woodsmen are the foremost bowyers in Middle-earth, and are capable of crafting fine weapons from wood, as well as gathering and treating the raw wood they need. Their knowledge of plants and nature also makes them natural Farmers. Woodsman is an excellent choice of vocation for anyone who wants to create their own mighty bows."

A woodsman knows the secrets of survival- in a dangerous world, we know that the best defenses are a swift bow and the ability to endure. A woodsman has four primary skills of note: the ability to gather and process wood, the skill to craft that wood into fine weapons and tools, the ability to process hides into leather, and the knowledge to plant and harvest a bounty of food.

Professions: Woodworker, Forester, Farmer