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The Explorer as Forester (harvesting wood and tanning hides), Tailor and Prospector
Armourer, Armsman, Explorer
Historian, Tinker
Woodsman, Yeoman
Crafting Guide
Crafted Items

"Explorers can live off the land, crafting leather armour and clothing while gathering resource they come across. Explorer is an excellent choice for anyone who wears Light or Medium armour, or wants to specialize in resource gathering."

Profession: Tailor, Forester and Prospector

Required Tools

Upon selection of the Vocation Explorer, you will be given a copy of "An Explorer's Guide" and a set of tools: Inferior Prospector's Tools, Inferior Forester's Axe and Inferior Tailor's Tools.

Required Tools: Tailor's Tools, Forester's Axe and Mining Pick

A Prospector's Tools (e.g., Bronze Prospector's Tools) is required to mine Ore

A Tailor's Tools (e.g., Bronze Tailor's Tools) is required to make simple clothing from common Cloth

A Forester's Axe (e.g., Bronze Forester's Axe) is required to gather and chop wood and branches for Wood