The Ford of Bruinen

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This page is about the location. For the skirmish, see The Ford of Bruinen (Skirmish). For deed, see Ford of Bruinen
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The Ford of Bruinen
Type: Ford
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: High Moor
Location: [33.5S, 11.4W]
The Ford of Bruinen.jpg


The Ford of Bruinen is a point of interest within High Moor in The Trollshaws. [33.5S, 11.4W]

This renowned ford is found where the Great East Road crosses the Bruinen river, almost at the border between Bruinen Gorges and High Moor. To the south, along the river, lies the Blooming Fens. Even further south is Tâl Bruinen, as well as Eregion. Eventually it joins together with the river, Greyflood, to the southwest.

Not long ago Frodo and his hobbit friends, guarded by Strider, Glorfindel, and others, crossed this ford on their way to Rivendell. It was here, however, that the Black Riders ambushed them from out of nowhere.


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:





This is the only crossing of the River Bruinen until it joins with the mighty Greyflood far to the south and west. The waters seem calm and placid here, but the signs along either bank suggest that the river overflows its course with great violence from time to time. - Deed Text
"All at once, as if through a gate of light, the Road ran out again from the end of the tunnel into the open. There at the bottom of a sharp incline they saw before them a long flat mile, and beyond that the Ford of Rivendell. On the further side was a steep brown bank, threaded by a winding path; and behind that the tall mountains climbed, shoulder above shoulder, and peak beyond peak, into the fading sky." - The Fellowship of the Ring, Tolkien


View of the slope leading from the Bruinen Gorges down to the ford An aerial view of the passing from the High Moor cliffs