Tham Send, the Hall of Rest

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Tham Send, the Hall of Rest
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell Valley
Location: The Last Homely House
Location: [29.6S, 3.3W]
Tham Send.jpg

Tham Send, the Hall of Rest is an interior within the Last Homely House in Rivendell Valley. [29.6S, 3.3W]

The hall is located at the northern wing of Elrond's house, on the second floor. A group of townspeople are outside the hall enjoying an elven tune. Within this hall Elrond nursed Hithgol as well as another High Elf for many years, following the siege on the battle plain at Dagorlad at the end of the Second Age, before the latter awoke during the year 3018 of the Third Age.

Guests within the home may visit the hall, but Elrond has retreated to his library during current times.


Tham Send Entrance


NPC Function
Elladan.png Elladan High Elf Prologue
Elrohir.png Elrohir High Elf Prologue
Elrond.png Elrond High Elf Prologue
ElfM.png Hithgol High Elf Prologue


The elegant decor within Tham Send The entry hall of Tham Send Elrond with his sons during the High Elf Prologue Hithgol resting during the High Elf Prologue