Summer Festival

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Welcome to Summer Festival
Each race knows it by a different name
Lithe Festival for Hobbits
Summerdays for Men
Summerfest for Dwarves
Festival of Enedhin for Elves

Sunny days, backyard parties, Picnics,
fruity drinks with those little paper umbrellas.
Summer Festival means dancing, drinking,
Games, and even fireworks!

Festival Grounds

When in doubt always visit the Festival Grounds! There's always something to do there, whether it's games or quests or just having a good time with others.


Festival Grounds in Bree-land
The Party Tree in the Shire
The Festival Garden in Ered Luin
Thorin's Hall in Ered Luin


Learn the dances of each race from the different dance leaders. When involved in the quest remember to keep your dance instructor selected to make sure you are following their every step!

Dance Leaders:

Ada Musgrove
Oger Brockhouse

If it seems all too complicated for your wobbly legs or clumsy feet then repeat to yourself...


What would any festival be without a good pint of ale! For those who are interested the Inn League holds an initiation during festival times. Be careful what you drink because you only have so much time. Visit the Inn League Initiation for tips and tricks or just to learn more about them.

Inn League Member:

Ailward Chubb




First you'll need the Fishing hobby.

Then to get the Stocking The Pond Quest, talk to Neddie Grubb in the fishing stand in Bywater Pool. Unlike other tasks, you can’t catch fish ahead of time because you need a certain amount and kind of fish from each fishing hole.

Summer Festival NPCs

Ered Luin - Thorin's Hall

Húni Fireworks Vendor
Oxi Pipeweed Vendor
Jorfi Race Trader
Láfi Quartermaster
Galmi Dance Instructor
Ambi Quests

Ered Luin - Celondim

Gaellien Quartermaster

Ered Luin - The Festival Garden

Dringil Fireworks Vendor
Gaeriel Pipeweed Vendor
Gelirdúr Quests
Lalfor Quests
Merengel Quests
Nedhrien Dance Instructor
Noreth Festival of Enedhin Provisioner

Bree-land - Festival Grounds

Alger Hazelhurst Fireworks Vendor
Liv Selwood Pipeweed Vendor
Bernard Oaksey Summerdays Provisioner
Múli Server
Will Hindmarsh Quartermaster
Ada Musgrove Dance Instructor

The Shire - The Party Tree

Turbert Took Pipeweed Vendor
Glad Goodbody Fireworks Vendor
Dodder Twofoot Race Vendor
Heartsease Whitfoot Lithe Festival Provisioner
Ailward Chubb Inn League Member
Ernwyd Brandybuck Quartermaster
Oger Brockhouse Dance Instructor
Amabel Redfern Travelling Farmer
Tansy Tighfield Quests
Billard Pott Expert Angler

The Shire - Bywater

Bluet Goldworthy Frozen Sweet-cream Vendor
Barmy Rootknot Tavern Keep

The Shire - Bywater Pool

Neddie Grubb Quartermaster
Melia Pott Expert Angler
Mosco Smallburrow Quests

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