Rushock Bog

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Areas-icon.png Rushock Bog
Region: The Shire
Landmark(s): Pinglade
The Rushock Gate
Troll's Knoll
Settlement(s): Needlehole
Bindbole Wood
The Delving Fields
The Hill
Falathlorn - Ered Luin
Levels: Mainly 9 - 10
Resource tier: Apprentice
Rushock Bog.jpg

Rushock Bog is an area within the Shire in the north-western region.

These marshes south of Needlehole covers many square miles bordering to Bindbole Wood, The Hill, and the Delving Fields. It is fed by the stream that flows through Needlehole and then contributes to the Water. Its name is apparently a compound of 'rush' and 'hassock' referring to the tough and coarse grasses that grow among the marshes.

However, in spite of its boggy nature Rushock Bog sees a lot of traffic, new dwarves and elves arrive to the Shire this way and characters heading for Ered Luin pass through towards north-west. In Needlehole travellers switch horses, visit the Grocer, or find quests suggested by the inhabitants.


The following settlements are found within this area:



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The Rushock Gate
Troll's Knoll

The following creatures are found within this area:


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One of several makeshift bridges in the Bog Rapids on the border to The Delving Fields Road through Rushock Bog An unlucky troll caught out during the daytime Waterfall in southwestern Rushock Bog Rushock Bog gets very dark during the night