Quest:A Salve for Stings

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A Salve for Stings
Level 10
Type Solo
Starts with Polo Proudfoot
Starts at Tookland
Start Region The Shire
Map Ref [33.5S, 69.8W]
Ends with Gammer Boffin
Ends at Overhill
End Region The Shire
Map Ref [28.3S, 70.2W]
Quest Group Shire
Quest Chain Long Live the Queen
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Sorry to say, but I got more bee problems. You saved the one hive, but the queens in the others were killed by the bears, and I need new ones. But it isn't that simple.

'First of all, the wild hives are off in the woods to the south...that's right, where all them bears live in the first place. Second thing -- and we'll deal with it first -- those wild bees don't take kindly to being moved, so you'll need to protect yourself from their stings. Now Gammer Boffin up in Overhill, she's got some kind of balm that will protect you from stings, so you just go and get some of that salve from her.

'Overhill is almost due north of here, the other side of Hobbiton, so it's a ways off. Hurry back...I need those queens!'


Farmer Polo Proudfoot needs new bee queens to replace the ones killed by bears. Before you can go hunting wild hives, you'll need to get a salve to protect yourself from bee stings.

Objective 1

Gammer Boffin is in Overhill, some considerable distance north of Tuckborough, on the other side of Hobbiton.

Before you can collect new queen-bees for Farmer Proudfoot, you will need to obtain the means to protect yourself from the stings of the wild bees. Proudfoot told you to get a special balm from Gammer Boffin.

Polo Proudfoot: 'Please talk to Gammer Boffin in Overhill about a salve for bee-stings.'
Gammer Boffin: 'Eh, what's that? Knees? You skinned your knee? Oh! Bees!
'Yes, yes, I can make a salve against stings. But I'll need some ingredients first. Find me four toad-stones from any of the toads around the Shire. Mind you, not all toads have got 'em. Eh? Where to find 'em? Well, one place is the bog. Look in the west side of Rushock Bog, west of here, beyond Hobbiton. Or if you like, you can find plenty of toads in the marsh just north of Frogmorton.
'Don't look so funny. The salve's no good without toad-stones!'

Objective 2

Toads can be found in Rushock Bog, west of Overhill, beyond Hobbiton, and also in the marsh just north of Frogmorton. Gammer Boffin is in Overhill, a town nestled in the Bindbole Wood.

Before you can hunt new queens for Farmer Proudfoot's hives, he sent you to Gammer Boffin to get some salve to protect you from the stings of the wild bees; however, Gammer Boffin does not have all the ingredients she needs to prepare the salve. She has asked you to collect some toad-stones for the salve.

Gammer Boffin: 'I need four toad-stones, or I won't be able to cure your knees. I mean, I need the stones for your salve for the bees! Rushock bog, to the west, or the Frogmoors north of Frogmorton...those places are sure to have toads.'
Gammer Boffin: 'Toad-stones! Such a terrible trouble to get them. Salve would be easier to make if not for the hunting, eh?'