North Gate of Rivendell

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North Gate of Rivendell
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell Valley
Location: [28.1S, 5.6W]
North Gate of Rivendell.jpg


North Gate of Rivendell is a location within Rivendell Valley in The Trollshaws. [28.1S, 5.6W]

At the northern entrance of Rivendell this guarded but open gate is built athwart the road to the pass of Cirith Imladris in the Misty Mountains. North of this gate lies Imdolen, which is the north-most place of Rivendell, and to the south lies the Market.

Here is also found a Guardian Trainer, perhaps keeping an eye at the Watchers.


ElfM.png Mirdoron - Guardian Trainer [28.1S, 5.3W]
ElfF.png Townsperson
Elf.png Watcher


View of the gate coming down from the Misty Mountains An elven structure by the northern gate