North Gate of Rivendell

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North Gate of Rivendell
Type: Gate
Region: Trollshaws
Area: Rivendell
Location: [28.1S, 5.6W]
North Gate of Rivendell.jpg

North Gate of Rivendell is a location within Rivendell, in the Trollshaws. [28.1S, 5.6W]

At the northern entrance of Rivendell this guarded gate is built athwart the road to Cirith Imladris, in the Misty Mountains. North of this gate lies Imdolen, which is the north-most place of Rivendell, and to the south lies the Market.

Fittingly here is also a Guardian Trainer, perhaps keeping an eye at the Watchers.


ElfM.png Guardian Trainer - Mirdoron [28.1S, 5.3W]


ElfF.png Townsperson
Elf.png Watcher