Nan Tornaeth

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Areas-icon.png Nan Tornaeth
Region: The Trollshaws
Dungeon(s): Lost Temple
Landmark(s): Amon Varadh
Barad Glamgil
The Glamgil Falls
Minas Ciliant
Ost Brandras
Ost Chall
Bruinen Gorges
North Trollshaws
South Trollshaws
Levels: Mainly 37
Resource tier: Artisan
Nan Tornaeth.jpg

Nan Tornaeth is an area within The Trollshaws in the central-north region.

North of Bruinen Gorges and east of North Trollshaws this area is home to deep gorges and towering cliffs. To its furthest south-west Nan Tornaeth borders to The Stone-trolls' Glade, well known from Bilbo Baggins's tales, where it also borders to South Trollshaws.

Nan Tornaeth is a deserted part of The Trollshaws, isolated and dangerous. There are many strange ruins around this area, a reminder of the destruction and the last remnants of the Kingdom of Rhudaur. The area mainly hosts bears, trolls, and worms, but also hill-men, wights, and other fell creatures prowling its many ruins. The creatures display an aura of pain and disease, evidence of a great darkness emanating from somewhere in the area.

Centrally located is a Camp Site Fire, guarded by Calenthon, an Elf who is worried about the upset wildlife. His camp serves as the only place of respite within these grim canyons. A Mustering Horn is found just outside the entrance to the Lost Temple, a level 65+ World Instance.



Amon Varadh

These landmarks are located within Nan Tornaeth:



Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
The Trollshaws
Thorenhad (Swift) The Trollshaws 25 Silver 


Barad Glamgil
The Glamgil Falls

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests




Ost Brandras

The following creatures are found within this area:


Click for larger image Topographic map of the Trollshaws


Calenthron's Camp marks the only refuge within the area A giant boulder creating a natural roundabout Entrance into Nan Tornaeth from Gladdalf A faded path within the wilds of Nan Tornaeth The large, ruined fortress complex along the northern cliff-side of the area A stone-troll occupied gorge that leads to the Glamgil Falls A small collections of ruins made home by trolls The pass under the bridge connecting Amon Varadh to Minas Ciliant