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Settlements-icon.png Kauppa-kohta
Region: Forochel
Area: Taur Orthon
Location: [3.2N, 58.0W]


Kauppa-kohta is a settlement located within the area of Taur Orthon in Forochel. [3.2N, 58.0W]

For most travelers this is the first stop when heading north into Forochel, at the middle of Taur Orthon, and on the eastern shores of Korkea-järvi. The name of this Lossoth village is Finnish for "trade point", as evidenced by the dwarves and their giant mammoths carrying cargo from places far from Forochel in exchange for the warmest pelts of Middle-earth. The village is sheltered at the foot of large snow bitten mountains, and grazed by the sun which just barely rises above the horizon of these latitudes.

In the north-eastern corner of the village a path winds itself up the mountainside. At the end of the path are a handful of Lossoth, preparing against the threat of the Sûri-maja they have observed spying on them. The villagers are well aware of the unnatural happenings, though they do not fully understand the reasons. The Lossoth here, and throughout Forochel, are highly wary of outsiders and some even hold a xenophobic view of them, claiming any from the lands south to be to weak to survive the frozen wastes. There are exceptions to this as some tribesmen, like Mainio, are quite welcoming of travelers.

Kauppa-kohta provides some basic services, including a Stable-master, Milestone, Mailbox and a Tasks Bulletin Board, as well as a Supplier and Provisioner, and a Healer. Furthermore, the village has many quests available to making outsiders seeking to prove themselves true to the Lossoth.


Kauppa-kohta Stable

The following services can be found within the settlement of Kauppa-kohta:



Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Ost Forod (Swift) Evendim 35 Silver  Min. Level: 40
Ost Forod Evendim 25 Silver  Min. Level: 40
Pynti-peldot Forochel 25 Silver  Min. Level: 40


Traders' Mammoths Carrying Cargo


Supplies & Services

NPC Function Coords
LossothF.png Âmu Healer [3.2N, 58.0W]
HumanM.png Cenlieg Lore-master Trainer - Quest [3.0N, 58.1W]
LossothM.png Kerkko Stable-master [2.6N, 58.0W]
LossothM.png Terho Supplier & Provisioner [3.2N, 58.1W]


NPC Function Coords
LossothM.png Santtu Task-master - Quest [2.8N, 58.0W]
Dwarf.png Dáthi Quest [2.7N, 58.0W]
LossothF.png Eija Quest [3.0N, 58.2W]
LossothF.png Ilma Quest [3.5N, 58.3W]
Dwarf.png Leithólf Quest [2.5N, 58.1W]
LossothM.png Mainio Quest [2.4N, 58.1W]
LossothF.png Mirja Quest [3.5N, 58.3W]
Dwarf.png Ofráth Quest [2.4N, 58.3W]
LossothM.png Valtteri Quest [3.5N, 58.2W]
LossothM.png Lossoth
AllRaces.png Townsperson



The central bonfire of Kauppa-kohta Mammoth tusk-gate of Kauppa-kohta Nightfall over the Lossoth village The northern section of the village An overhead view of Kauppa-kohta