Quest:The Raven

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The Raven
Level 44
Type Solo
Starts with Cenlieg
Starts at Kauppa-kohta
Start Region Forochel
Map Ref [3.0N, 58.1W]
Quest Group Forochel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Through the trees he says, just go through the line of trees. Ha! Surely we would be wandering for a week or more that way. My shortcut is the only way to...oh my, I beg your pardon!

'You see, my fellows and I were on our way to...well, that is of no consequence. In their haste, they took a road that we should not have been following, and it seems I have lost track of them.

'I quickly dispatched my raven towards the rocky outcropping to the south-west to see if any tracks were left in the snow. So far, she has not returned. I was about to go retrieve her, thinking she got stuck in the trees, but my bear-friend, Linden, is not well and requires my help here. If you are headed in that direction, could you look for her?'


Cenlieg the Lore-Master has lost his party, and is now stranded at Kauppa-kohta. He sent his raven to find traces of his fellows, but the raven has not returned.

Objective 1

Cenlieg's raven may be found near a rocky outcropping to the south-west of Kauppa-kohta

Cenlieg has asked you to find his missing raven.

Cenlieg: 'Please, if you can find my raven, we can learn in what direction my fellows were heading last.'
Raven: The raven looks up at you with a forlorn stare, but suddenly starts flapping its wings furiously and darts off towards an opening in the rocks.
Cenlieg's raven is now safe.

Objective 2

Cenlieg is at Kauppa-kohta, north-east of the rocky outcropping where you found the raven.

You found Cenlieg's raven, but it quickly hid in panic. Perhaps you should speak again with Cenlieg.

Cenlieg: 'How she managed to get lost among Wargs is a mystery to me, but obviously it was through no fault of my own.
'She seems to be beckoning towards the icy cliffs to the west. I believe my fellowship must have been there within the last day or two. I think we will be able to follow their trail if Linden here is able to raise her spirits.'