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High Elves

High Elves, who have beheld the beauty of Valinor, possess grace and strength beyond even their woodland kin. Those few who remain yearn to see that Middle-earth is safe to bequeath to Men before they depart for the Undying Lands.

Playable Classes: Burglar, Captain, Champion, Guardian, Hunter, Lore-master, Minstrel, Rune-keeper, Warden

Starting Area: Rivendell / Celondim

The race was added in 2017 with the Mordor Expansion.

High Elf Names

With rare exception, the Elves of Middle-earth have Sindarin names.

Names like Arwen, Celebrian, and Galadriel are examples of Elf-women in Middle-earth.
  • Common Feminine name Endings: -anor, -dal, -dis, -el, -eth, -iel, -il, -gil, -los, -raen, -reth, -riel, -rian, -rien, -uilas, -uilos, -wen, -wing
  • Common Female Prefixes: Adan-, And-, Ar-, Bel-, Breg-, Celeb-, Dol-, Edhel-, El-, Fan-, Find-, Galadh-, Gil-, Hir-, Ior-, Ir-, Lal-, Mel-, Mor-, Nim-, Rod-, Sael-, Tinu-
Names like Elrond, Legolas and Lindir are examples of elf-men in Middle-earth.
  • Common Masculine name Endings in Sindarin are: -adan, -aran, -bor, -born, -dir, -dor, -had, -ion, -las, -moth, -or, -phant, -phor, -randir, -ras, -rod, -rond, -ros, -thalion, -thir, -uil, and -we
  • Common Prefixes are: Adan-, Aeg-, Am-, Aran-, Bara-, Beleg-, Celeb-, Curu-, Dag-, El-, Fela-, Fin-, Gal-, Gil-, Hal-, Ing-, Lin-, Mal-, Pen-, Tar-, Thurin-, Ul-

High Elf Origins

  • of Gondolin - The memory of the white towers of Gondolin, hidden city of the High Elves, still burns within you, though it fell to treachery long ago.
  • of Imladris - Driven from your home by Death and war, you came to the hidden vale of Imladris, where you have long dwelt under Elrond's protection.
  • of Nargothrond - You spent your younger days in the cavern-fortress of Nargothrond, the hall of Finrod Felagund, whose beauty was lost in the wars of old.
  • of Beleriand - In Elder Days, you dwelt in the fair Elf-lands of Beleriand, now broken and lost forever beneath the Sea.
  • of Ossiriand - Your home of Ossiriand survived the fall of Beleriand to be come Gil-galad's realm of Lindon, now grown empty as the Elves depart for Valinor.

High Elf Emotes

High Elves can perform a ballet like racial dance by typing /dance3 into chat.


Passive Skills

Fading of the Firstborn-icon.png Fading of the Firstborn: -7 Fate
Peace of the Eldar-icon.png Peace of the Eldar: +20 Maximum Morale, +60 non-Combat Morale Regen
Sorrow of the Undying-icon.png Sorrow of the Undying: -7 Will
Suffer no Illness-icon.png Suffer no Illness: +1% Disease and Poison Resistance

High Elf Traits and Deeds

For details see High Elf Traits

Trait Description Level Deed
Blade Dancer-icon.png Blade Dancer +5% 1H/2H Sword Damage 42 Enmity of the Orcs III
Enmity of Darkness-icon.png Enmity of Darkness +5% Light-type Damage 35 Enmity of the Dourhands
Glory of the First Age (Trait)-icon.png Glory of the First Age Grants skill Glory of the First Age 38 Enmity of the Dourhands II
Grace of the Firstborn-icon.png Grace of the Firstborn +10% Out of Combat Run Speed 13 Enmity of the Orcs
Grace of Valinor (Trait)-icon.png Grace of Valinor Grants skill Grace of Valinor 25 None; Auto-granted
Those Who Remain-icon.png Those Who Remain Increases Will 29 None; Auto-granted
Travel to Caras Galadhon-icon.png Travel to Caras Galadhon Grants skill Travel to Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien 32 Enmity of the Orcs II
Virtuous High Elf-icon.png Virtuous High Elf Grants +1 Wisdom, Confidence, and Justice 60+ Friend with Galadhrim
Wrath of the Firstborn (Trait)-icon.png Wrath of the Firstborn Grants skill Wrath of the Firstborn 19 None; Auto-granted

Some of these traits are obtained via completion of High Elf Racial Deeds, while others are automatically granted upon reaching the appropriate level.

High Elves of Lore

Galadriel.png Lady Galadriel is co-ruler of Lothlórien, together with her husband, Lord Celeborn.
Glorfindel.png Glorfindel
Gil-galad Portait.png Gil-galad