Hall of Merchants

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Hall of Merchants
Region: Ered Luin
Area: Thorin's Gate
Settlement: Thorin's Hall
Hall of Merchants.jpg

The Hall of Merchants is the western wing of Thorin's Hall, entered from the Hall of Kings.

This hall provides the spectacular waterfall that contributes to the canal and water-stream that winds itself past Noglond, Gondamon and Limael's Vineyard before it flows into river Lhûn. At its entrance is a ramp down to the basement and the Thorin's Hall Inn. At the upper level and past the waterfall is found the Blue Stone Garrison, the centre for reputation with Thorin's Hall.

The Hall of Merchants provides vendors at the southern side of the ground floor and at the crest of the stairs to the upper level.


Blue Stone Garrison

The following services can be found within the Hall of Merchants:




NPC Function
Ground Floor - South
Dwarf.png Kimbur Green-tree Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Lafi Light Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Gowan Smith-son Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Kieri Medium Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Brúni Stonehelm Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Hákan Ironhammer Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Ranald Heavy Armoursmith
Dwarf.png Aldwulf Bowyer
Dwarf.png Ari Longarrow Bowyer
Upper Level - at Crest of Stairs
Dwarf.png Belgen One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Kragg Stout-heart One-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Kyma Grey-bear Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Rhodri Blue-boots Two-handed Weaponsmith
Dwarf.png Láfi Quartermaster - Summer Festival
Upper Level - outside the Blue Stone Garrison
Dwarf.png Ísrath Reputation: Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Tórth Reputation: Barter & Quest
Dwarf.png Rútur Reputation: Quest
Dwarf.png Snár Reputation: Quest
Dwarf.png Labourer
Dwarf.png Merchant
Dwarf.png Townsperson
Dwarf.png Watcher


Hall of Merchants map (Thorin's Hall).jpg


Vendors in the Hall of Merchants peddling their wares The canal in the Hall of Merchants It looks like an auroch may have gotten free in the Hall of Merchants

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