Giant Halls

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Areas-icon.png Giant Halls
Region: The Misty Mountains
Landmark(s): Gabilazan
The Giant's Needle
Greybough End
Imlad Norn
The Lornstone
Orod Laden
High Crag
Southern High Pass
Levels: Mainly 45
Resource tier: Master
Giant Halls.jpg

Giant Halls is an area within The Misty Mountains in the southern region.

South of High Crag, lies a wide, snow-covered bowl amidst the surrounding mountains, which itself contains many hills and boulders, though small compared to the towering ridges all around. Giant Halls is reached only through three passages, all very well protected: Gabilazan in the west currently occupied by a large force of Dourhand dwarves, Rakhâs-bizar to the east protected by a mix of snow-bears, giants, and trolls, and in the north-east a narrow, winding pass which leads to Men Helch and the Southern High Pass beyond, very well patrolled by many giants. [29.1S, 2.5E]

For lone adventurers traveling to or through the Giant Halls, Rakhâs-bizar is the most hospitable route. It is possible, though not easy, to avoid contact with giants and trolls in this pass; the same cannot be said for the other entrances.

The Giant Halls provide adventurers with an array of big game, in the truest sense of the word. Some locations see high concentrations of one or the other, while the area as such see a mix of giants, trolls, snow-bears, and mammoths.

The only available service is a Camp Site Fire with a Mustering Horn that is located very much at the center of the area.




These landmarks are located within Giant Halls:


Giant's Needle

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests





The following creatures are found within this area:


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A giant settlement in southeastern Giant Halls The peculiar Giants' Table near Rakhâs-bizar View of the southern Giant Halls The trail to Southern High Pass from the Giant Halls