Gador Gúlaran

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Gador Gúlaran
Region: Angmar
Area: Nan Gurth
Location: [7.2N, 22.7W]
Gador Gúlaran.jpg

Gador Gúlaran is a dungeon in Nan Gurth, in Angmar. [7.2N, 22.7W]

Gador Gúlaran are the dungeons under Barad Gúlaran, the ancient tower of the Witch-king of Angmar. Here defenders of the Free People will face Mordirith in a fierce battle, together with Narmeleth.

Access to these dungeons is given only thru an epic quest instance. That instance can be repeated via the reflecting pools of Angmar and Trollshaws.




Narmeleth2.png Narmeleth


These mobs are encountered within this location: