Bindbole Wood

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Areas-icon.png Bindbole Wood
Region: The Shire
Landmark(s): Bolestones
Lob's Grove
Overhill Yards
Settlement(s): Overhill
The Hill
North Bridgefields
Rushock Bog
Levels: Mainly 9 - 10
Resource tier: Apprentice
Bindbole Wood.jpg

Bindbole Wood is an area within the Shire in the northern region.

This large area north to north-east of the Hill is chiefly a forest full of wild-life and goblins, troubling peaceful hobbits and careless travellers. Its main road connects the wood-workers' village of Overhill with Hobbiton in the south and Brockenborings to the east. Basic supplies and crafting facilities are available in Overhill.


The following settlements are found within this area:



These landmarks are located within Bindbole Wood:


See list of all NPCs within Bindbole Wood

Vendor Function Coords
Huorn.png Walking-tree Quest [26.6S, 71.8W]
Coffee Goat-icon.png Bindbole Kid Quest [27.8S, 70.9W]


Lob's Grove
Overhill Yards

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests




Map of The Shire Topographic map of The Shire


A 'bole' is a tree-trunk, so the wood's name 'Bindbole' suggests a dense and tangled forest. No map shows the northern limit of Bindbole Wood, so nobody knows how extensive it once was. However, given that much of the Northfarthing, to the north, was either farmland or moorland, the wood was presumably relatively small in size.
Note that many sources give the name of this wood as Bindbale, but 'Bindbole' is definitely the original spelling. However, Tolkien himself seems to have interpreted the name 'Bindbale' on at least one occasion, and apparently considered it to be somehow meaningful. In this sense, the name possibly refers to the nearby croplands in some way (to 'bind a bale' is to bring harvested crops together into a bundle or package). - lorebook


Abandoned animal den in far northern Bindbole Bridge on the road through Bindbole Ruins atop a cliff near Bolestones River dividing Bindbole between East & West The eastern woods of Bindbole A low-hanging wall can be found north of Overhill The falls of the river through the woods