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Areas-icon.png Annunlos
Region: The Lone-lands
Dungeon(s): Inn of the Forsaken
Landmark(s): Eglain Camp
Settlement(s): The Forsaken Inn
Minas Eriol
Nain Enidh
The Weather Hills
The Midgewater Marshes - Bree-land
Levels: Mainly 22 - 27
Resource tier: Journeyman

Annunlos is an area within The Lone-lands in the western region.

This is a fairly barren territory, marked occasionally by small, broken ruins from the dead realm of Rhudaur. The area more or less enclose the ruins of Minas Eriol to the south, infested with goblins and other grim creatures. The slopes of the north eventually lead into the Weather Hills. The area is characterized by the thick brush and rocks that mark an otherwise unremarkable space. Boars and wolves make their home in the area, and forces of the Enemy such as goblins and crebain have descended from their camps in the adjacent areas preying on the unaware traveler.

The most notable landmark in this bleak land is the Forsaken Inn, which caters still to travelers journeying along the Great East Road serving as last stop for rest before Ost Guruth in the east. One can find a stable-master, milestone, and mailbox, as well as vendors and quest givers. Further to the east is a small Eglain Camp whose residents are happily accepting a helping hand.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Annunlos:



See list of NPCs within Annunlos.


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for quests


The Forsaken Inn
Eglain Camp

The following creatures are found within this area:


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Ruins of the lost Rhudaur can be found throughout Annunlos A ruined bridge along the road through Annunlos Fugitive camp north of the Forsaken Inn