The Merry Swan

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The Merry Swan is one of the many taverns of Middle-earth, found in the White City of Minas Tirith. There are multiple times that The Merry Swan is visited throughout the timeline, listed below.

The Merry Swan (Old Anórien)

The Merry Swan
Region: Old Anórien
Area: Minas Tirith
Location: [67.0S, 19.8W]


The Exterior of The Merry Swan

The Merry Swan is one of the Taverns of Minas Tirith, in Old Anórien. [67.2S, 20.1W] This inn can be found in the Third or Craftsmen's Tier near the southern end. Also known as Alph a 'Elir, it is said to have the finest wine cellar in Minas Tirith.

The most notable feature of this inn is the large circular counter in the middle of the space, with a raised stage beyond it. There are almost always musicians performing on the stage. The Merry Swan also has a well-equipped kitchen, capable of easily providing food for dozens of Patrons.


NPC Function
Imadan Tavern Keep
Forlong Quest
Hirluin Quest
Neldir Quest




Deed Involvement

The Merry Swan (Midsummer)

The Merry Swan
Region: Anórien (After Battle)
Area: Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Location: [21.0N, 56.6W]


For the Midsummer wedding festivities, the Merry Swan has been decorated with garlands of flowers and banners of purple and white. A large number of citizens and soldiers have gathered to feast, dance, and generally make merry. [21.3N, 54.9W]

Note that some quests and NPCs will be available only when the Midsummer Festival is active, even though Midsummer Minas Tirith is accessible year-round.

NPC Function
Nathdil Quest

Quest Involvement

Deed Involvement