High Guesthouse (Midsummer)

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This page is about the High Guesthouse on the Seventh Circle at Midsummer. For the inn on the Players' Tier before the Battle of Pelennor Fields, see High Guesthouse
High Guesthouse
Region: Anórien (After Battle)
Area: Minas Tirith (Midsummer)
Location: [22.6N, 56.1W]


The High Guesthouse can be found in the Citadel in Minas Tirith (Midsummer) in Anórien (After Battle). [22.6N, 56.1W]

Many important guests are staying here for the Great Wedding.

Note: some quests and NPCs will be available only when the Midsummer Festival is active, though Midsummer Minas Tirith remains accessible year-round.

Quest Involvement