Incoming Healing Rating

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Incoming Healing Rating determines how much healing your receive from healing skills. This includes your own healing skills, healing skills cast on you by another player, and healing done when using a morale pot. It can be improved by direct bonuses on gear. Incoming healing rating is converted into a percentage before it is used to calculate how much healing you receive. The formula for this is the same one used for Critical Rating. Note: the healing increase granted by incoming healing rating cannot exceed 15%.

  • % = Incoming Healing Rating / ((1190/3) * Level + Incoming Healing Rating)

Just as with Critical Rating you can also work out how much incoming healing rating you need to reach a certain percentage:

  • IHR = ((1190/3) * Level * %) / (1 - %)

Development History

Incoming healing rating was added with the Siege of Mirkwood expansion.