Quest:Instance: Of Dreams and Desires

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Instance: Of Dreams and Desires
Level 115
Type Solo only
Starts with Autobestowed
Starts at The Pristine Glade
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [86.2S, 29.9W]
Ends with Tárasánë
Ends at The Pristine Glade
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [86.1S, 29.9W]
Quest Group The Lay of Rust and Rime
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Of Dreams and Desires
"In days long past, I knew her as Tárasánë, the Green Lady, but the wickedness of the Necromancer and the great spiders of Ungoliant tainted the Greenwood and she was lost. What has become of her? Has she departed these lands evermore? Even now, I cannot say."


The Green Lady once dwelled in the heights of the Emyn-nu-Fuin, but that was long before the darkening of Mirkwood.

Objective 1

Tárasánë is in the Pristine Glade.

You and Tárasánë appear to be in the Pristine Glade. You should speak to her and learn how this has come to be.

Tárasánë: 'Do not fear, little one. You have fallen into a deep slumber, and here you dream of distant lands.
'Curious. Of all the lands you have beheld, your mind has wandered hither. You have come to this place before, have you not?
'You have seen it in waking, but through my power, it has been shaped anew by your thoughts and desires.
'Look around you, and see now these visions of what is to come....'

Objective 2

  • Behold Tárasánë's visions (0/3)

Visions of the Green Lady can be found within your dream of the Pristine Glade.

The Green Lady has asked you to seek out the visions that have crept into your dream of the Pristine Glade.

Tárasánë says, "Three visions I grant thee."
Tárasánë says, "Of foes, of far-off lands, of futures uncertain...."
Tárasánë says, "...of thy dreams and desires. Behold!"
At the ruins of Dol Guldur
Tárasánë says, "When he stood before me, I knew the mind of the one you call the Weeping Warrior."
Tárasánë says, "Far to the south, into the crumbling remains of Dol Guldur, Karazgar fled in agony...."
Tárasánë says, "He rests among the lingering evils of the Necromancer, and there reflects upon his failure."
Tárasánë says, "He knows not his true self, his prisoner eludes him, and his strength falters...."
Tárasánë says, "What he seeks has been denied him, but his thoughts betray a new malice."
You have beheld a vision of Karazgar, the Weeping Warrior!
At the Dwarvish statue
Tárasánë says, "A cold-drake of the Ered Mithrin comes...."
Tárasánë says, "In vengeance and greed, Vethúg shall cast his shadow upon the mountain...."
Tárasánë says, "He wields but a small measure of the might of his mother, Hrímil, but it is enough."
Tárasánë says, "He did not behold the Elder Days and he is young, still, in the years of the world...."
Tárasánë says, "But it is his fate that shall rule the fates of many others."
You have beheld a vision of Vethúg Wintermind, the cold-drake of the Ered Mithrin!
At the frozen waterfall
Tárasánë says, "You seek the Herald of Winter, and you shall soon know her."
Tárasánë says, "Hrímil she is named, and in the Elder Days, she served Morgoth freely...."
Tárasánë says, "But the will of Sauron could not compel her, and he bade Karazgar imprison her."
Tárasánë says, "Sauron is defeated and the Mordath shattered, but her jailor has escaped her wrath."
Tárasánë says, "To her frozen hordes, Hrímil is the last remnant of the Great Enemy."
Tárasánë says, "And they serve her will alone."
You have beheld a vision of the Herald of Winter, Hrímil Frost-heart!

Objective 3

  • Talk to Tárasánë, the Green Lady

Tárasánë is in the Pristine Glade.

Tárasánë stands before the Great Tree of the Pristine Glade. You have witnessed the three visions she bestowed upon you, and you should now speak to her once more.

Tárasánë: 'What I have shown you may not come to pass, but it will be the future that awaits you if you abandon this quest. There are things that remain beyond my sight in the frozen wastes of Morgoth, and so, you must remain vigilant.
'Remember well what you have seen, <name>. It is time you awoke....'
Tárasánë: 'Wake now, <name>....'