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The Frost-horde, when used broadly, refers to both the Orc- and Dragon-kind that serve the dragon Hrímil Frost-heart. More specifically, the dragon-kin are the Frost-horde while the hobgoblins subservient to them are the Frost-bound. The Horde occupies much of the northern mountains of Rhovanion, particularly the Grey Mountains near the Withered Heath and the Anvil of Winterstith, where Hrímil made her home and prison after escaping Mordor.

The Frost-horde is one of the major factions vying for control of Mount Gundabad. The dwarves of the Gabil'akkâ are their primary opposition, and they are allied with the Orcs of Gundabad who follow Gorgar the Ruthless as well as the frost-giants of Thyrstáth and one of the Angmarim splinter factions in Câr Bronach.

The Frost-horde

The cold-drakes of the Frost-horde name Hrímil Frost-heart, the Herald of Winter, their mother. Vethúg Wintermind is perhaps the most infamous of Hrímil's children, but the cold-drakes and worms are numerous.

The Frost-bound

The Frost-bound hobgoblins serve the Frost-horde and have come with the drakes to Gundabad. They have been raiding the Orc-settlements within the mountain since their arrival. Prominent among the hobgoblins loyal to Hrímil are Warlord Dushtalbúk, leader of the Frost-bound in Gundabad, and Loknashra, skilled in the Frost-bound's cold-magic as well as the necromantic arts she has been learning from the Angmarim.


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