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Deeds are special tasks which reward the character with Items, Skills, Titles, Traits, Lotro Points, and more. There are several different types of Deeds.

The Deed Log (see image to the right, below ToC) presents each deed with some sort of wax seal. Generally the seal indicates the type of deed, such as a spyglass for Exploration Deeds, or crossed swords for Slayer Deeds; see Deeds by Type below.


  • Completing deeds affects the Quest Log: for every 40 deeds completed, the maximum number of current quests is increased by 1, to a maximum of 50.
  • Many deeds are not visible in the Deed Log until they have been completed, for example many Social deeds; see Hidden Deeds below.
  • Deeds that pertain to areas that must be purchased from the Lotro Store (ex. The Wildwood) cannot be bestowed to characters on that account.
  • Many deeds cannot be bestowed until a character has reached a certain level. For example, Moria is accessible at level 45 but its deeds require level 50.

A list of all LP gained from deeds can be found at Acquiring Lotro Points from Deeds

The Ten Main Pages

The Deed Log provides ten main pages, seen on tabs at the top of the deeds window (see image to the right). They are named: Class/Race/Epic, Skirmish, Instances, Hobbies, The War, Eriador, Rhovanion, Gondor, Mordor, and Haradwaith. The last five are usually referred to as "regional deeds" on Lotro-Wiki. Except for Hobbies each page has sub-pages available via tabs at the bottom of the window for more specific purposes. This section describes those ten pages in detail.


This page has four tabs for Class, Race & Social, Epic, and Reputation respectively. Each of these tabs has different filtering options for different deed types.


Most deeds in the Class tab are based on your class.

A character leaving the Starter Area achieves the Novice passive skill, then when using some of your class skills unlocks class deeds. Most class deeds require certain skill(s) being used a certain number of times, and some deeds need critical hits too. The skills may be active like Penetrating Shot as well as passive like Parry. Completing a class deed is rewarded with Lotro Points. Each class deed has its own daily limit of progression. When the limit is reached, the deed's progress bar in Deed Log becomes bright-yellow. The limit is reset at 12:00 a.m. server time.

Do note, deeds for damage-causing skills require the level of the targets must be close to the level of the character level for the counter to increment. If the enemy's name reads in grey it will not count.

Filter: The available filters are "Lore" and "All":

Race & Social

Filter: The available filters are: All, Explorer, Lore, Reputation, and Slayer.


Once a character has reached certain levels, Racial deeds are unlocked by defeating creatures which are most hated by your race. Defeating enough of those creatures will complete that deed and grant you a Racial Trait.


Social deeds involve event and festival deeds, or from being the target of another player's emotes (e.g. /hug or /crazy). They reward for example festival tokens, titles, special emotes, and more.


Epic Deeds are advanced by completing each book of the Epic Quest line. Shadows of Angmar has two title rewards, while Mines of Moria has three. Epic Deeds also include such deeds as the Discovering the Descendant deed and other deeds related to the Epic story-line in some way.


Deeds related to Reputation involve becoming known, ally, and kindred with regional factions and meta-deeds thereof, as well as other deeds that relate to reputation, e.g. the Up-and-Comer. The regional faction deeds are furthered by earning faction points, which come from quests, certain looted items which may be consumed for faction points, or from completing yet other deeds which render faction points. They reward for example a title, LOTRO Points, items, etc.

Notice: Other deed-types may be filtered for "Reputation". Those "reputation deeds" are sub-types of their parent deed type respectively but are not considered being a "Reputation Deed" described here. However, see the "Deeds by Type" section below.


There are two sorts of deed types at the Skirmish tab.

Skirmish Instances

This deed type usually involves slaying all the different Encounters in each specific Skirmish. Rewards are a Skirmish specific title. In the special skirmish Barrow-downs Survival there are additional deeds just for surviving.

Skirmish Lieutenant

This deed type involves slaying Lieutenants of certain types who appear in the Skirmish. The deeds involve slaying 5 and 50 of each type of Lieutenants and reward 50 and 500 Marks respectively. These mobs appear randomly in Skirmishes.


At the page for World Instances, each instance has its own tab. Some of these deeds also contribute to meta-deeds. Rewards from instance deeds include regional reputation points, Titles, Lotro Points, Virtue Experience, and more.


Hobby Deeds involve hobby-related accomplishments, and usually reward Titles or housing decorations.

Filter: The available filters are "Lore" and "All":

The War

Ettenmoors, a consensual PvMP (Player vs. Monster Player) area where the following deeds can be found.




Regional Pages

Middle-earth is divided in the lands of Eriador, Rhovanion, Gondor, Mordor and Haradwaith, which in turn are split into regions, to which many deeds pertain. Regional deeds may involve completing a certain number of quests, discovering locations, slaying a certain number of creatures or certain named mobs, etc. Regional deeds reward Titles, LOTRO Points, Virtues, and more.

Filter: The available filters are: All, Explorer, Lore, Reputation, and Slayer.






Deed Information

Deeds by Type

As implied by the several wax seals there are several deed categories. At Lotro-Wiki we categorize deeds as they appear in the Deed Log, but we also narrow down per region, making it possible to find for example all slayer deeds available in Bree-land.

Other deed types:

Hidden Deeds

Your character has probably activated and is advancing certain deeds without being aware of it, those deeds are called Hidden Deeds. Such deeds may be furthered by own actions, but also by being target of other character's actions, such as being the target of certain emotes.

Hidden deeds are revealed when upon deed completion and rewards are granted.


Some Deeds are activated upon completion of another deed, they are called Meta-deeds. To complete a meta-deed your character must complete several other deeds. However, considering the rewards it may be worthwhile completing these meta-deeds, in spite of the considerable effort.

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