Masters of Minas Tirith

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Deed Lore

Meet the Masters of Minas Tirith.

To complete this deed perform the following objective(s)

Meet Carethon, Master Wright
You have met Carethon, Master Wright, son of Tanwë.
Meet Aglarang, Master Smith
You have met Aglarang, Master Smith, son of Angros.
Meet Habdir, Master Clothier
You have met Habdir, Master Clothier, son of Hammathir.
Meet Bariel, Master Hosteler
You have met Bariel, Master Hosteler, son of Baradan.
Meet Curugond, Master Builder
You have met Curugond, Master Builder, son of Gondring.
Meet Lenglír, Master Artist
You have met Lenglír, Master Artist, daughter of Linheron.
Meet Sarnion, Master Archivist
You have met Sarnion, Master Archivist, son of Pethir.


   5 LOTRO Points
   30 Marks
   <name>, the Outgoing
   2000 Virtue Experience
   Increased Reputation with Defenders of Minas Tirith ( 500 )

Additional Information


Coordinates Directions / Description
[67.8S, 18.4W] Carethon, Master Wright - Workers' (1st) Tier
[64.5S, 18.2W] Aglarang, Master Smith - Craftsmen's (3rd) Tier
[66.3S, 18.0W] Habdir, Master Clothier - Craftsmen's (3rd) Tier
[66.7S, 20.2W] Bariel (Minas Tirith), Master Hosteler - Craftsmen's (3rd) Tier
[65.7S, 17.0W] Curugond, Master Builder - Workers' (1st) Tier
[66.5S, 18.8W] Lenglír, Master Artist - Players' (4th) Tier
[66.2S, 18.7W] Sarnion, Master Archivist - Sages' (5th) Tier