War Steadings

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War Steadings
Type: Cave
Region: Goblin-town
Area: Misty Mountains
Location: [21.8S, 6.2E]
War Steadings.jpg


The War Steading serves as a large barracks for Goblin-town, where their soldiers and skirmishers gather and prepare for raids upon the villages to either side of the Mountains. Mostly, they descend through the passages to the east to fall upon smaller and more weakly defended settlements of Men which border the Mirkwood, but on occasion, when their strength grows, they have been known to raid Elf-settlements on the edges of Rivendell's domain – though these over-bold assaults generally turn out badly for the goblins, and few return.


See Goblin Town Map


Courtesy of Kin of Brian on Brandywine.

These directions will help you complete the Bilbo's Buttons deed and the quests Leaders of the Deep and Rumors of the North

  • Cross the bridge and turn left (south) down some ramps.
  • Head north through a room into a tunnel, crossing a bridge on the way (don't go down the stairs just to the left of the bridge). Note there is a hole on your right.
  • Continue north then west into another tunnel downward.
  • Turn left (east) when the tunnel opens up. The Mound of Earth for Stirring Up Trouble is located here. Follow the paath downward to Dagal's chamber and the Broken Cufflink for Bilbo's Buttons.
  • Back to where you turned left above. Now turn right (west) and down ramp to the Scratched Button for Bilbo's Buttons.
  • Right (west), up ramp on the left (south), through a small chamber then right (south) along a narrow path.
  • Follow tunnel south to Narash's chamber for Rumors of the North

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