Tyrn Lhuig

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Settlement.png Tyrn Lhuig
Region: Angmar
Area: Western Malenhad
Location: [1.9S, 33.2W]
Tyrn Lhuig.jpg


Tyrn Lhuig is a settlement located within the area of Western Malenhad in Angmar. [1.9S, 33.2W]

This hunters' camp is located watering close to the enemy stronghold of Bail Róva, in the south-west of Malenhad. It is built in two levels, all services are found at the lower level, just within the palisades, and even more quest givers are found at the upper level. The hunters happily hand out quests to visitors, but honestly, they do not have high thoughts of Southrons, at least not until the visitors have proven themselves heartier than expected.

Visitors will find basic services such as a Healer and a Provisioner, a Camp Site Fire and a Tasks Bulletin Board which is maintained by Othran.



The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:




Supplies & Provisions

NPC Function Coords
HillmanF.png Ailín Healer [1.7S, 33.3W]
HillmanM.png Torcuil Provisioner [1.7S, 33.3W]


NPC Function Coords
HillmanM.png Othran Task-master - Quest [1.8S, 33.3W]
HillmanM.png Fonn Quest [1.9S, 33.0W]
HillmanF.png Lornë Quest [1.9S, 33.0W]
HillmanM.png Murdaigán Quest [1.8S, 33.3W]
HillmanM.png Rodakhan Quest [1.8S, 33.0W]
HillmanM.png Clan Watchmen Defenders


This small camp is inhabited by a band of hunters out of Aughaire, and as such harbour some sympathies for the Free Peoples of the Eriador.
Luckily for them, this camp is far too small to have come to the notice of the powers of Angmar...yet. — Deed text

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