The Michel Delving Vendor Hall

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The Michel Delving Vendor Hall
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Settlement: Michel Delving
Location: [34.2S, 75.0W]
Armour Vendors

Vendor Hall Entrance

The Michel Delving Vendor Hall is found in Michel Delving in the Shire. [34.2S, 75.0W]

The Vendor Hall is found in the souther part of the town. Here adventurers and warriors can purchase a wide variety of goods and equipment, ranging from foods and draughts to weapons and armor.

Notice that the assortment of the vendors are listed at their pages respectively.


NPC Function
HobbitF.png Buttercup Grubb Outfitter
HobbitF.png Gilda Sweetwater Light Armour Trader
HobbitF.png Gilly Bracegirdle Medium Armour Trader
HobbitM.png Griffin Bunce Bowyer
HobbitM.png Brinley Gardener Weapon Trader
HobbitM.png Indor Weaver One-handed Weapon Trader
HobbitM.png Dudo Greenacre Two-handed Weapon Trader


Foyer of the Michel Delving Bowyer inside the Vendor Hall Weapon vendors inside the Hall