The Giant's Needle

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The Giant's Needle
Type: Menhir
Region: Misty Mountains
Area: Giant Halls
Location: [30.4S, 3.5E]
The Giant's Needle.jpg

The Giant's Needle is a landmark within Giant Halls, in the Misty Mountains. [30.4S, 3.5E]

In the eastern section of Giant Halls, down a hollow, this towering menhir stands erect, visible from afar. A few of the local giants are patrolling the hollow but many more are roaming its perimeter alongside their snow-bear pets.

Note: It is actually possible to visit the top of the needle by drinking from an Inn League Keg or using a Mug of Triple Strength Brandy. The way home is another story.




These deeds can be advanced by visiting the Giant's Needle:


These creatures are encountered at this location:


The Giant's Needle is simply a massive stone spire erected by the Giants of the Misty Mountains. No purpose has ever been found for it, nor is its construction all that remarkable given the size of its builders.
What is perhaps most remarkable about the Giant's Spire is that none of the giants has ever gotten around to knocking it down just for fun. It is this that leads scholars to believe that it does indeed have some meaning or purpose, but even the wise cannot guess at what that might be. — Deed