The Blooming Fens

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The Blooming Fens
Type: Marsh
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: High Moor
Location: [34.8S, 11.5W]
The Blooming Fens.jpg


The Blooming Fens is a landmark within High Moor in The Trollshaws. [34.8S, 11.5W]

This flowering bog is located at the east side of Bruinen river, south of The Ford of Bruinen. It may only be reached from the river, or coming south along the eastern shore of the river. Bog-lurkers have taken up home among the reeds and lilies making this a relatively dangerous locale.




The following creatures are found within this area:


An aerial shot of the Blooming Fens The Bruinen as it flows past the fens The bog from across the Bruinen