Southfarthing Gate

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Southfarthing Gate
Type: Gate
Region: The Shire
Area: The Delving Fields
Location: [35.0S, 72.8W]
Southfarthing Gate.jpg


Southfarthing Gate is a landmark within the Delving Fields in the Shire. [35.0S, 72.8W]

On the south-north road from the Westfarthing to the Southfarthing travellers must pass this needle's eye. However, a second gate just a ahead, east of the Shire Homesteads, is blocked and lets nobody through to the Southfarthing. Two other gates like this exist in the Shire, the nearby Downs Gate which is closed, and The Rushock Gate to the north-west of the Shire. The latter gate lets travellers to Ered Luin in no time.

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