Rath Dúath

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Areas-icon.png Rath Dúath
Region: Morgul Vale
Settlement(s): Echad Uial
Taen Orwath
Levels: Mainly 120-125
Resource tier: Minas Ithil (T13)
Rath Dúath looking east down the valley to Minas Margul

Rath Dúath is an area within the Morgul Vale (or Imlad Morgul).

Rath Dúath Locations

Locations found within the area of Rath Dúath are listed below.


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Connected Locations

Rath Dúath Quests

Rath Dúath NPCs

Rath Dúath Creatures

The following creatures are found within the area:


Morgul Vale map