Nan Gurth

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Area.png Nan Gurth
Region: Angmar
Landmark(s): Gate of Gath Uior
Minas Agar
Minas Angos
Minas Caul
Minas Deloth
Minas Dhem
Minas Maur
Minas Nîr
Minas Gularan
Nan Gurth.jpg

Nan Gurth is an area in the northeast of Angmar. [5.5N, 22.4W] It is a barren land, containing a base of the servants of the Witch-king.

Barad Gúlaran is located in the centre of a series of bridges that surround it like the spokes of a waggon-wheel.


In the middle of this barren land are eight small towers: (Minas Agar, Minas Angos, Minas Caul, Minas Deloth, Minas Dhem, Minas Maur, Minas Nir and Minas Gularan). In these outposts, the servants of the Iron Crown and emissaries of tribes (such as Karstíona) stay. In each tower there is a bridge to the great tower called Barad Gúlaran. Most of the servants of the witch king take residence here. Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar, is one of them.

Nan Gurth is generally known as a very dangerous area to solo due to the numerous Elite Master monsters roaming around the tower of Barad Gúlaran. It is also the only way to the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu, so care must be taken not to aggro any mobs when you have a level 50-58 player with you.



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