Nan Gurth

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Areas-icon.png Imlad Balchorth
Region: Angmar
Dungeon(s): Barad Gúlaran
Landmark(s): Gate of Gath Uior
Minas Agar
Minas Angos
Minas Caul
Minas Deloth
Minas Dhem
Minas Gularan
Minas Maur
Minas Nîr
Imlad Balchorth
The Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu
Levels: Mainly 50 - 54
Resource tier: Master
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Nan Gurth is an area within Angmar in the northeast region.

This barren valley is void anything resembling plant life; instead, the landscape consists of rocky ridges and craggy spires. It can reached by the western areas of Gorothlad, Himbar, or Imlad Balchorth, or from Câr Bronach to the east. At the center of this wasteland, visible from any part of the valley, is Barad Gúlaran, the palace of the Witch-king. One would be foolish to expect to find the king here, however. In his stead are many of his servants. Amarthiel, Champion of Angmar, being one of them.

Surrounding the towering fortress are 8 lesser towers which connect to the main palace by bridges like the spokes of a wagon wheel. Each of these towers holds servants of the different factions under the Iron Crown. Four of these towers, Minas Agar, Minas Angos, Minas Caul, and Minas Maur, hold emissaries of factions wishing to form allegiances with Angmar that if formed could prove Angmar unstoppable. Only by way of the southeastern tower, Minas Deloth, can one reach the main palace in the center.

The hills and ridges surrounding the fortress are covered in all manner of vile creatures from wargs to spiders. The further northeast one travels, the more dangerous the enemies become. Giants, gaunt men, drakes, and worst of all, wraiths can be found guarding the passage through the Gate of Gath Uior into the Rift of Nûrz Ghâshu.

On the east side of the valley, the pass of Bálach Iaran climbs up into the mountains, a remnant of when the Iron Crown's dominion stretched as far as Mount Gundabad itself.

There are no services within Nan Gurth itself, lending to its credibility of being a dangerous wasteland. The nearest services can be found in either Myrkworth, Gath Forthnír, or Iorelen's Camp.


Barad Gúlaran

These landmarks are located in Nan Gurth:



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Gate of Gath Uior
Minas Angos
Minas Maur

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Angmar Topographic map of Angmar


Goblin huts outside Barad Gúlaran A view of the craggy landscape in the northeast The red sky of Gorothlad casting over Nan Gurth The faded road that briefly runs through the area Dangerous foes and shallow murky pools can be found beneath Barad Gúlaran and its towers