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Ettenmoors is a region found within the land of Eriador.

Ettenmoors are a mountainous, wild, and untamed land that lay north of Rivendell. Also called the troll-fells, the region was likely infested with Trolls. The Ettenmoors included the land of the Ettendales, which consisted of valleys reaching into the foothills of the Misty Mountains. It is speculated that Mount Gram, from where a host of Orcs attacked The Shire, was located in the Ettenmoors. [1]

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Monster Play is LOTRO's version of player vs player (PvP), known as player vs monster player (PvMP). In order to participate, a character must be at least level 20.


Free Peoples (aka Freeps): A level 20 Player Character can be transported by finding one of four Stable-masters to travel to the locations.
Forces of Angmar (aka Creeps): A servant of the Enemy can be created by selecting Monster Play on the character selection menu after launching game.

PvMP Locations

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Ettenmoors Locations

Locations found within the region of Ettenmoors are listed below.

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There are no connected locations to pass into the Ettenmoors.
  • Once you are at least level 20, visit one of the four stable-masters who can transport you to the Ettenmoors.
Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
South Bree (Swift) Bree-land 35 Silver  Min. Level: 20
Thorin's Gate (Swift) Ered Luin 35 Silver  Min. Level: 20
Rivendell (Swift) Trollshaws 35 Silver  Min. Level: 20
Michel Delving (Swift) The Shire 35 Silver  Min. Level: 20
Precise Map to Glân Vraig Skill-icon.png Return to Glân Vraig

Ettenmoors Quests

For more detail, see Ettenmoors Quests
Ettenmoors Quests(7 C, 6 P)

Ettenmoors Deeds

For more detail, see Ettenmoors Deeds
Ettenmoors Deeds(2 C, 1 P)

Ettenmoors Titles

For all titles obtainable for this region, see Ettenmoors Titles

Ettenmoors Reputations

Ettenmoors Creatures

Ettenmoors Creatures(2 C, 96 P)


Crafting Tier(s):

Anórien (T10): Anórien Skarn Deposit, Dagorlad Scrap Deposit, Poplar Branches, Gnarled Branches, Anórien Hide, Lavish Chest, Lavish Dagorlad Chest


North of Rivendell are the troll-fens where Aragorn’s grandfather, Arador, met his end at the hands of the Hill-trolls dwelling in the Coldfells. Long lost to corruption, the Ettenmoors once served as a home to the Kingdom of Rhudaur. In the north, flowing out of the Misty Mountains, is the Hoarwell River. The great river flows toward the south, becoming impassable until the Last Bridge at the border between the Lone-lands and the Trollshaws. It is rumoured that Fallohide Hobbits may once have migrated along the shores of the Hoarwell River, perhaps even making themselves a home along its banks as they journeyed west across the Misty Mountains. In the Northwest, a terrible peak rises to cast its great shadow far to the east. This mountain, once home to the goblin Golfimbul, is known as Mount Gram and at its foot, the fearsome forces of Angmar have laid claim to the land.

Hope is not yet lost in the Ettenmoors. An Elf, Lainedhel, discontent with Elrond’s choice to trust the power of the Elven-ring Vilya to defend Rivendell from the host pressing through the North Downs into the Ettenmoors, has rallied the Free Peoples of Eriador to the Ettenmoors. Their fortress, Glân Vraig, in the southeast stands as a bastion of Light against the ever-growing darkness.

In ancient times, the Ettenmoors were part of the Kingdom of Rhudaur before that realm fell under sway of Angmar, domain of the dreaded Witch-king. Today, even centuries after the fall of Angmar, the Ettenmoors remain a place of terror and evil. Through these wastes some of the most fell creatures of Middle-earth roam at will, biding their time until they hear the summons of their master... the Dark Lord Sauron.

More recently, the Ettenmoors have been the site of massive battles between the Free Peoples of Middle-earth and the armies of Angmar. Hordes of monsters from the northwest are streaming down toward the outposts of Hithlad and the mines near Arador's End, whilst the heroes stand against them. [2]

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Map of Ettenmoors Topographic map of Ettenmoors Eriador by Varghedin

Ettenmoors Detailed Maps

Annotated Map of Ettenmoors