South Tol Ascarnen Bridge

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South Tol Ascarnen Bridge
Type: Bridge
Region: Ettenmoors
Area: Hoardale
Location: [17.5S, 16.7W]

The South Tol Ascarnen Bridge, called STAB is the bridge that connects Hithlad to the Hoardale, where the fortress Tol Ascarnen is located. The bridge was once capturable before the release of Riders of Rohan, now it's on the side of whoever controls Tol Ascarnen.

Controlled by the Creeps

Soldier Gorúrz and two Ongbúrz Archers are guarding the bridge.

Controlled by the Freeps

Sergeant-at-Arms Irminric and two Coldfells Hunters are guarding the bridge

South Tol Ascarnen Bridge (STAB) under Freep Control - Tol Ascarnen controlled by Creeps in the rear