Eryn Lasgalen

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Area.png Eryn Lasgalen
Region: Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale Lands
Dungeon(s): None
Landmark(s): Caras Tilion

Tham Aeldés
the Forest Gate
Glad Thaw
Tham Taerdol
Torech Emel

Settlement(s): Felegoth, Dale, Erebor, Lake-town
Levels: Mainly 115
Resource tier: Doomfold T11
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Eryn Lasgalen is an area within the region Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale Lands, also referred to as 'Strongholds of the North'.
Eryn Lasgalen itself is a dark and dismal place, similar to the existing (i.e. pre-destruction of the Ring) Southern counterpart, Mirkwood. The light soon vanishes once you travel beyond the Elven King’s territory and the path twists and turns. Luckily, there are wooden posts marking the trail, but it is important to stay vigilant - you can easily get lost.
The name Mirkwood is no longer. The Wood-elves are reclaiming their forest with the name Wood of Greenleaves, but all is not cleansed yet. Trouble lurks in corners, and mysteries confound the Elves. Where have the spiders gone? Who would steal from the Raft-elves goods? What else has long dwelled, unseen, within the woods?


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Eryn Lasgalen:

  1. Caras Tilion - [20.6N, 35.3W] entrance at - [14.1N, 37.2W]
  2. Tham Aeldés - [20.7N, 35.3W]
  3. the Forest Gate - [15.7N, 50.9W]
  4. Loeglond - [14.6N, 30.6W]
  5. Gwígar - [19.0N, 38.5W]
  6. Glad Thaw - [13.4N, 44.1W] entrance at - [14.2N, 44.1W]
  7. Imnagath - [18.2N, 36.0W]
  8. Tham Taerdol - [12.1N, 46.1W]
  9. Tholkát - [21.7N, 41W]
  10. Torech Emel - [20N, 46W]


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Strongholds of the North
Eryn Lasgalen
The Dale-lands
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The following creatures are found within this area:


Eryn Lasgalen


In ancient times, the great central forest of Middle-earth had been known as Eryn Galen, Greenwood the Great, but during the Third Age a shadow and a blight grew under its trees. This darkness grew out of Dol Guldur, the seat of the Necromancer in the south of the forest, and caused its name to be changed to the more familiar 'Mirkwood'.
This shadow lasted for nearly two thousand years, gradually spreading through the trees to encompass almost the entire great wood.
During the War of the Ring, the emissaries of Sauron were finally driven out from Dol Guldur. On April 6, Galadriel came to the gates and through unspecified means cast down the walls, foul pits and crevices. The evil realm of Dol Guldur was finally destroyed.
On the same day, Celeborn of Lórien and King Thranduil of the Woodland Realm, met in the midst of the forest and chose a new name for the Forest. Celeborn took the land south of The Narrows for himself and named it East Lórien, while Thranduil took all wood north of the Mountains of Mirkwood, and they gave the middle of the wood to the Beornings and Woodmen
The new name was Eryn Lasgalen, recalling the old name of Eryn Galen, and translated from the Elvish as the "Wood of Greenleaves".[1]
This name is almost the same as the pre-Mirkwood name Eryn Galen ("Greenwood the Great"), but with the addition of the Sindarin word las ("leaf").[2]
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