Quest:Trouble Comes Down the Mountain

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Trouble Comes Down the Mountain
Level 115
Type Solo
Starts with Lorndúr
Starts at Loeglond
Start Region Eryn Lasgalen
Map Ref [14.1N, 31.3W]
Quest Group Eryn Lasgalen
Quest Chain Reopening the Realm
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have received reports of Orcs coming down from the Green Mountains, disrupting trade along the Forest River, and attacking any who go to investigate. I doubt they will be any threat to someone as battle-hardened as you, <class>. Would you please take care of these trouble-makers?'


Orcs from the Green Mountains have been disrupting trade and harassing the Raft-elves. Lorndúr would like you to deal with these trouble-makers.

Objective 1

Orcs can be found along the Forest River, between Felegoth and Loeglond.

You should defeat Orc ambushers and Orc hunters.

Defeated Orc hunters (10/10)
Defeated Orc ambushers (10/10)

Objective 2

Lorndúr can be found in Loeglond.

You should talk to Lorndúr.

Lorndúr: 'Thank you, <name>. Perhaps now that the war is over, these occurrences will be less frequent.'
He sighs. You think he is not convinced by his own words.