The Hill of Erech

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This page is about the Hill of Erech soon after the passing of the Grey Company. For the hill after Midsummer, see The Hill of Erech (King's Gondor)
The Hill of Erech
Type: Hill
Region: Western Gondor
Area: Blackroot Vale
Location: [58.2S, 65.1W]


The Hill of Erech is a landmark within the Blackroot Vale in Western Gondor. [58.2S, 65.1W]


The following deeds in western Gondor and central Gondor can be advanced by visiting this location:




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


The Stone of Erech sits atop this hill, placed there by Isildur to mark the escape of Númenor's sons from the deluge.

We first encounter The Hill of Erech in Volume III: Book 3: At the Stone of Erech as Isildur first forms a pact with the Men of the Mountain to fight against Sauron, and then curses them when they fail to fulfill their oath (the hill as it is portrayed in the instance is of a much larger scale than the version that appears in the main world).

Note: This instance can be revisited by going to the Spire of Meeting in Rivendell [29.9S, 4.8W] and reviewing the Chronicle of Events.

King Rioc says, "I will swear it on this very stone, this sign of the might of Númenor's sons."
King Rioc says, "On this stone, I swear that I and my people will stand with you and fight against Sauron..."
King Rioc says, "...should he return."
It was done. The allegiance of the Men of the Mountain was secured.

Later, upon discovering that Sauron had returned, Isildur is at the summit by the Stone of Erech, waiting for the Men of the Mountain to arrive and fulfil their oath.

Isildur says, "I expected you earlier than this, Rioc. And why have you brought so few men?"
King Rioc says, "We have not come to fight for you. Your strength is nothing before that of Sauron."
Isildur says, "What are you saying, Rioc? You swore an oath to fight against Sauron!"
But the Men of the Mountains refused to fulfil their oath.
They had worshiped Sauron in the Dark Years and thought they would be rewarded.
King Rioc says, "You do not frighten us. Sauron will crush your kingdoms as he has before."
Isildur says, "Death is too good for you, Rioc."
Isildur says, "You will be the last king of your people."
Isildur says, This curse I lay upon you and all your folk: never to rest until your oath be fulfilled."
Isildur says, "You will not know the restful sleep of death."
Isildur says, "You will not know a day without the regret of your broken oath!"
Isildur says, "This war will last for uncounted years, and you will be summoned again before its end."
Isildur says, "Now GO! Leave this place! My words will follow you for your restless eternity!"
They fled before him, his curse echoing in their ears.
They fled to their homes in the mountains, but they could never escape Isildur's curse.

Following Aragorn's passage through the Blackroot Vale, we return again to Erech in Volume IV: Quest:Book 1: Chapter 4: Atop Erech

The Stone of Erech is one of the seven Vandassari in the game and is originally called the Orossar, as mentioned in Instance: Tales of the Bright Company.