Update 5, Armies of Isengard - December 12, 2011

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Update 5, Armies of Isengard Release Notes

Of Special Note

Isengard Instances are here!

Five new instances have been added, rounding out the challenges of the Rise of Isengard Expansion. These instances are free to all players who purchased the Rise of Isengard Expansion. If you have not purchased the expansion pack, these instances will also be available a la carte in the LOTRO Store. Learn more about these instances in the Developer Diary.

The Epic Story Continues

The time has come for you to part ways with the Grey Company. Update Five will see the Rangers continue with their mission while steering clear of the coming war for as long as possible. You, however, will be taking on the tasks set forth in, Volume III, Book 5: ‘The Prince of Rohan.’.

Instance Finder

Instance Finder is a new tool that will help players form and fill Fellowships to tackle the various instances, raids and skirmishes found throughout Middle-earth. With Update 5 the first phase of the Instance finder will be available to players. This initial implementation does have some limitations and restrictions. We’ll be improving the system in future updates and look forward to hearing your feedback and input on ways to make Instance Finder better. Currently, Instance Finder allows you to set the following options:

  • Content: Skirmishes, Isengard Instances, and/or Scaled Instances
  • Scale: Solo, 2-man, 3-man, and/or 6-man
  • Difficulty: Tier I, II, and/or III difficulty
  • Role: Defence, DPS, Healer, Support

Once a player or partial group places themselves in queue, the system will intelligently match them with other players for a random instance within their selected parameters. Once a match is found, the system will notify the player who can then accept the match and travel immediately to the instance. In addition, while using the Instance Finder, players can take advantage of additional bonuses and rewards! Full details of this new tool and some of our plans for improving it in the future can be found in the developer diary.

See Update 5: Instance Finder Developer Diary for more information.

Track Nearby Quests

A new option has been added to the Quest Tracker and the Radar called “Track Nearby Quests.” Track Nearby Quests works by finding up to five quests in your quest log with nearby objectives, and attempting to add them to the Quest Tracker. Only unlocked quests in the quest tracker will be replaced in this way. If all the quests in the tracker are locked, you will receive an error message.

  • Additional notes:
    • Track Nearby Quests doesn't work when you are within an interior location (a dungeon) or an encounter. The options are hidden in this case. If you trigger Track Nearby Quests via an input action while in a dungeon, you'll get an error message.
    • Track Nearby Quests only looks for nearby quests, not for deeds.

Unified Currency

All the various marks and tokens that appear in Skirmishes and Classic Instances are being collapsed into three new currencies; Marks, Medallions and Seals. These three currencies will also be used in the new Isengard instance cluster, as well as future instances. A complete explanation can be found in the Developer Diary, but here’s a quick look at what’s changing:

Wait, what? In practice, this should change little about how Skirmishes, Classic Instances and Instance Clusters are played. Enter an instance, collect currency for beating bosses and taking control points, than spend it at barter vendors. The big change is that now all instances share three main currencies, instead of a wide variety of special marks. This will greatly simplify things and draw a strong line between the gameplay styles.

What about all my stuff? When Update 5 launches, all of the various marks will be converted into Marks, Medallions or Seals automatically. Skirmish Marks will become Marks, though acquired Skirmish traits will be unchanged. To be specific, the following items will disappear from the game and be replaced with some amount of the new currencies:

See Update 5: Currency Consolidation Developer Diary for more details.

Reputation System Revamp

The reputation system has been changed to be more player and inventory friendly. Be sure to read the developer diary for all the details.

See Update 5: Reputation Item Revision Developer Diary for more details.

Lua Plugin Manager

  • At long last, a manager UI has been added to support all of your Lua plugins!
  • During character selection, you can open the manager via the “Manage Plugins” button. There you can define which plugins you would like to load automatically each time you log in with the characters selected via a drop-down menu present for each plugin entry. Please note: the character selection list includes both normal characters and monster play characters linked to your account on the given server.
  • You can also access the manager when in game (logged in) via a start menu entry under the system sub-menu for both normal characters and monster play characters. Here, you will not only be able to change the auto-loading status of your plugins, but you can also immediately load/unload plugins.
  • The in game plugin manager also introduces support for plugin-defined option panels that can be accessed by hitting the “Options” tab when a plugin is selected. What these options do for a given plugin is completely defined by the plugin authors. If a given plugin has not defined an options panel, then the tab will be disabled.

It’s the little things that count

Coffee is here! After much lobbying by players and quoting of various passages in Tolkien’s works, coffee is now available! Westfold Famers will have new recipes to grow the aromatic beans for Westfold Cooks who wish to concoct this stimulating beverage!

Release Notes


  • We have re-balanced a few of the ratings granted by some items to increase their impact. This primarily affects avoidance ratings (block, parry and evade) but some critical ratings and incoming healing ratings are also affected.
  • All items that currently have Melee Offence, Ranged Offence, Tactical Offence or Outgoing Healing ratings have been changed to have either Physical Mastery (Melee Offence and Ranged Offence) or Tactical Mastery (Tactical Offence and Outgoing Healing). These Mastery ratings function in all ways like the replaced ratings only the Mastery works for both at the same time.
  • Players can now revive properly in Mirkwood Landing
  • The Butcher in the Warg caves should now spawn properly.
  • Multiple barter item currencies have been consolidated down into 3 new currency types. There is now a tutorial hint which describes the conversion process and only appears if the conversion has affected you.
  • When earning the new item currencies that are placed in your Barter Wallet, you will receive overhead text showing you how much you just earned.
  • All containers now have particle effects to help distinguish them from the landscape.
  • After much consideration the mystery meat inside the cafeteria burritos shall remain a mystery. Trust us, it's better that way.
  • Fishing: All types of fish now have a max stack size of 100.
  • Trollshaws: Elder Stonehoof boars found in South Trollshaws now drop Sturdy Hides occasionally.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a new character who skipped the tutorial from receiving the Basic Training passive skill.
  • The Ale Association quest "An Inn League Disaster" unfortunately had to be removed from the game... Some changes were made to world event scheduling, and this quest did not get along well with the changes!
  • Mounts - Both variants of the Galadhrim War-horse now have unique icons.



  • With the Opportunist trait slotted, the Trick from Counter Defence can now once again be overwritten by any other Trick from the Burglar.
  • Fixed an issue in which item links in loot messages generated by the Burgle skill would show incorrect tooltip information.


  • The Captain's tactic skills are now usable while riding.
  • Captain trait Alert Guard now displays the bonus to Parry Rating granted by Defensive Strike
  • Tactic: Relentless Attack will now display its buff on the character panel instead of in the critical rating tooltip.
  • In Defense Middle-earth Duration Legacy scroll descriptions are now fixed.
  • The Captain skill Tactics: Focus will now scale its effects after level 65.
  • The various Song-brother skills will now affect the Herald's healing skills
  • Captain's First Age Legendary Emblems will no longer have -Healing Threat inherently.


  • The 4-set trait bonus of Ardour no longer references Deathstorm, it now references Improved Great Cleave
  • The Martial Champion set trait line now correctly states that the morale bonus is only obtained while in Glory.
  • Improved Great Cleave will now reset AoE skills when it is activated.
  • True Heroics should now apply all of the beneficial effects when it is activated regardless of an enemy being affected or not.
  • The (Glory) Hedge Armour Rating legacy no long references the outdated sudden defence legacy.
  • Fight On! will now drain power from nearby enemies when activated.
  • Hedge will now correctly enable parrying in Fervour stance.
  • The Berserker trait line will now apply the damage bonus to merciful strike while in fervour. (Ultimately, this was a display issue and not a functional issue.)
  • Corrected a tooltip issue that existed with the trait Time of Need. The trait was referenced instead of the skill.
  • Cleaned up the tooltip on Adamant and Invincible to include the bonus values added by each fervour point.
  • Cleaned up the description of Vigour of Champions to show that there is a benefit to the trait.
  • Fixed an issue with the Trait Controlled Fury where the skill Controlled Burn was not named as the skill modified.
  • The Swift to Anger Trait now correctly identifies that it will alter the Swift Strike skill to become a frontal AoE skill with 3 targets called Swift Blade.
  • The amount of fervour generated by the traited version of Exchange of Blows while in Glory has been reduced slightly. This is to ensure that the fervour generation while in Glory is not too great.
  • Champions can no longer use Merciful Strike without a cooldown when four deep in the Berserker Trait line and not in Fervour stance.
  • PvMP- The 6-set bonus "+30% Brutal Strikes chance to remove the fervour cost of Ferocious Strikes" will no longer trigger from Improved Feral Strikes.
  • The Hedge skill will now properly allow parrying while in Fervour stance.


  • Challenge the Darkness now grants Tactical Mitigation as Guardian's Ward Tactics at all levels.
  • The display of the Guardian legacy Reactive Block damage has been corrected.
  • Guardian skill Take to Heart can no longer be resisted.
  • Guardian's Threat will no longer trigger a visual effect when other effects are applied to the guardian.
  • The Guardian trait Heart of Fire will now improve the unified Critical Defence stat displayed on the character panel not each individual Melee/Ranged/Tactical Critical Defence shown on the tooltip.



  • The Lore-master's Spirit of Nature companion has been upgraded. Its Flashing Flank skill now has a 45 second cooldown. Its Nature's Gift healing skill no longer requires the Spirit's sacrifice. The Spirit of Nature will no longer accumulate threat for any action that it takes nor from any threat transferred to it. The Physical and Tactical mitigations of the Spirit have been much increased. Finally, and most importantly, the Spirit is now a Creature of Nature.
  • The Spirit of Nature also has an Aura effect that reduces an enemy's chance to hit by 5%.
  • Sign of Power: Vigilance will now affect the pet's ability to see through stealth.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong icon was appearing for the debuff of Improved Sign of Power: Command
  • The trait Dúnadan-learning will no longer allow for the Lore-master to stack buffs meant to be handled by the Master of Beasts trait.
  • Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire should now benefit from the legacy that enhances the damage done by the skill.
  • The Deed, Magic Adept, was moved to a level 60 only skill as part of the Rise of Isengard launch. This has been fixed. Burning Embers will now increase this deed starting at level 30 in addition to Sticky Gourd. All improved versions of these skills will advance the deed as well.
  • Display for the health gain portion of the legacy Morale - Sign of the Wild: Protection now displays correctly.
  • A typo in the description of agility for Lore-masters has been fixed.
  • A typo in the skill Knowledge of the Lore-master has been fixed.
  • Outgoing healing will now affect the healing from the Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire.
  • Lore-master skill Sign of Battle: Wizard's Fire initial pulse will now be equivalent to all subsequent pulses.


  • Anthem of the Third Age, now works on critical regardless of spec depth in Power of Song.
  • Sheet music should once again stop induction interruptions
  • Improved Story of Courage now only applies the beneficial buff once to targets
  • We have made the delay between codas and the action of other skills a little more tolerable.
  • Enhanced duration and removal of the buff now work correctly on Anthem of War applied to fellows. The buff is removed from all members of the fellowship when the coda is activated.
  • Anthems that are overridden by more potent minstrels will not quash the ability of the minstrel to activate the bonuses to the coda - anthems will still be overridden.
  • Call to Greatness reduced to 5 minutes, the bonus trait from Power of Song 2 deep increased to 60
  • Anthem of Sympathy now affects Coda by producing negative threat when the coda is used.
  • Melody of Battle now uses a sound scheme that is more appropriate
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Enduring Morale
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Absolute Pitch
  • Fixed a typo in tooltip for Call to Fate
  • Fixed the text for Improved Cry of the Chorus (War-speech)
  • Bolster courage is once again affected by the Song of the Hammerhand bubble.
  • Song of Distraction and Improved Song of Distraction no longer generate threat. If the skill is resisted by a target that target will not become immediately aggressive to the player.
  • The benefit of the Anthem of Compassion has been changed to: Places an effect on you that reduces threat generation by 5% for 30 seconds.
  • Clarified the bonus on some instrument bonuses from a display of 0.XX to XX%
  • Removed errant wording from the Song of the Hammerhand effects and skill tooltips.
  • Outgoing healing will now affect the heal-over-time portion of the Improved Chord of Salvation.
  • Monster players will no longer receive an error stating that they cannot use the Sturdy Steel Lockboxes, instead they will be told that they are missing the required key.
  • Dirge-singer armour now has finesse at the cost of a little will. Hands and Chest pieces now have finesse


  • Shield tactics now properly increases tactical mitigation.
  • Aggression now properly uses aggression in potent and non-potent states. It also provides the correct information in its tooltip.
  • Never Surrender and the associated debuff version now have the correct icons.
  • Way of the Warden now includes a bonus to Critical Defence equivalent to the benefit gained with Determination.
  • Never Surrender has been changed: The ability is activated by the Warden and will last for five minutes. During those five minutes the Warden cannot be defeated unless their health drops below 10%. At this point, they are healed for 50% of the Morale and Power (Both based off of maximum power) and they can now be defeated as normal. Cool down on the skill is 15 minutes.
  • Shield Tactics will now apply the stun immunity buff when the skill is activated.
  • Improved Javelin toss now gains the javelin being used.
  • Iconography for Never Surrender has been updated.
  • Deflection now benefits from the trait A Keen response
  • Deflection now has the correct FX when used against a target.
  • FX and animations have been adjusted for all the new double builders, Deflection, Aggression and Shield Tactics.
  • Aggression now has the correct animation playing when used.
  • Sound added to Shield Tactics.
  • Animation for Shield tactics now uses the shield.
  • Warden heals have been adjusted to scale with elevated monster damage added with RoI.
  • The new effect that provides wardens with a boost in their partial defensives has had it's duration increased to 20 seconds.

Monster Play


  • Creep Resistance potions have been converted to the new Resistance Rating stat. Since this now makes one set of the potions redundant, Phial of Mazauk's Saliva/Blood have been removed from barter and loot. The existing potions will remain accessible to players that had acquired them before this change, but they provide the same benefit as Phial of Gorgoris' Bile/Blood and do not stack.
  • Monster players can now open their Traits panel with the same hotkey (default: 'J') as Free Peoples.
  • Existing monster player characters logging in for the first time in Rise of Isengard will now see trainable traits on the Monster Player Trainers without having to relog.
  • New Creep Skill “March!” A new skill has been added to each Creep's starting skill set: “March!”. This skill increases Creep out of combat movement speed by 32%- enabling them to traverse the map more efficiently. This skill toggles off the moment the Creep enters combat.
  • The existing Root Duration modifier on items has been replaced with a new (functional, I swear) property that reduces the duration of roots applied to the target by a percent.
  • Hotspot effects (Traps, Blight, Banners, etc) now work on the Troll and Ranger
  • Troll & Ranger auto-attack damage significantly increased
  • Ranger quest is now removed on log-out.
  • Delving of Frór: Boss monsters now have a chance to drop Creep consumables.
  • Chieftain Fimfash: Chieftain Fimfash's health has been increased to match that of his Freep counterpart.
  • Battlefield Promotions: Icons now match the rank they unlock at.
  • Lainedhal's Insignias and Akulhun's Brands have had their usage cooldowns reduced. These now range from 120 minutes for the Rank 1 version of the insignia/brand to 5 minutes for the Rank 15 version of the insignia/brand.
  • Burglar PvMP Armour -Boots, Legs, and Helm have had their stats revised to include Agility.
  • Containers now have particle effects to help distinguish them from the landscape.
  • Auto-attack Super Critical Damage multiplier increased by 30% (Both Freeps & Creeps)
  • Pet Ranged skills can no longer be Parried (Both Freeps & Creeps)
  • Creep Delving potions are no longer removed on death.
  • Outnumbered Buffs “Akúlhun's Challenge” & “Lainedhel's Call to Arms” now increase Infamy/Glory Gains by 20%
  • Freep Scaling Cloaks: Amount of finesse given on the cloaks has been significantly increased.
  • Brands and Insignias now provide Immunity and/or Dispels for Silences, Disarms, and Slows in addition to other Crowd Control effects.
  • Mobilize speed buff reduced to 35%
  • March! speed buff reduced to 25%
  • Delving of Frór Movement Speed potions have been removed from barter and loot. Potions currently in player inventory will not be removed, but the effect will not stack with Mobilize and March and their potency has been reduced to 5/7/10% from 10/15/20%


  • The cost to slot traits has been normalized
  • 1 Silver 60 Copper per Corruption
  • 22 Silver 50 Copper per Class and Appearance
  • 45 Silver per Racial & Appearance

Uruk Racial Skills


  • Mobilize speed buff increased to 50%, power cost increased by 100%, shares the same recovery channel as “March!


  • Hatchling attack damage type changed to Acid.
  • Strong Brood: Mandible Strike's Devastating Critical Multiplier increased from 1.7 to 2.5
  • Scytode Brood: Auto-attack cooldown reduced from 3s to 1s.
  • Toxin tooltip no longer says it's uncurable.
  • Clinging and Entangling Webs no longer share the same cooldown.
  • Mephitic Kiss DoT now named "Mephitic Kiss" and icon matches the skill (all other functionality remains the same)
  • Enhanced Trapdoor Sanctuary now restores 5% of Max Morale every 2s for the duration of the skill



  • Mobilize now dispels and blocks stealth for all fellowship members, while active.
  • Fracture now interrupts and dismounts Freeps.
  • Purge now usable while under the effects of “Knocked Out” crowd control
  • Get a Grip!” no longer applies the heal to pets.
  • Purge now useable while in the “Knocked Out” state.




Raid, Skirmishes, Instances

  • Draigoch's body and limb health has been reduced
  • All raid skirmishes will wait 10 minutes before sending you out after completion
  • The Skirmish Soldier trait Ultimate: Banner of Protection will now affect the unified Resistance stat displayed on the character panel instead of individual resistances.

Skirmish Camp


  • Tweaked some logic and timing that should decrease the likelihood of him going braindead.

The School at Tham Mírdain

  • Challenge quest now requires you to defeat Commander Târsh in addition to saving the burning books

Inn of the Forsaken

  • Skeletons will no longer spawn in the wall causing players to be unable to attack them
  • /stare will once again solve Riddle #17

Dol Guldur - Sammath Gul

  • The firespout effect will occasionally spout our of the grates even when the player isn't in combat with the boss following a wipe.


Legendary items, Relics, Legacies

  • Relics: All non-unique Settings (tiers 1-7) now increase both Tactical Mastery and Physical Mastery, instead of either offence or healing, depending on relic.
  • The following item advancement titles have had the melee defense and tactical defense changed to Physical Mitigation and Tactical Mitigation:
    • Stout Defender
    • Steadfast Protector
    • Stalwart Guardian
    • Firm Resolve
    • Iron Will
    • Resolute Heart
  • Legacy replacement scrolls that say they were In Defense of Middle-earth Duration legacies were lying. They now correctly identify themselves as Words of Courage Pulses legacies.
  • Several legacies with higher than expected values have been normalized.
    • Burglar
      • Pulse Modifier for Glee
      • Stealth Level
      • Trick Range
      • Riddle Range
    • Captain
      • Pressing Attack Max Targets
      • Words of Courage Pulses
    • Champion
      • Ardour/Glory Pip Interval
      • Rend Pulses
      • Hamstring Range
    • Minstrel
      • Soliloquy of Spirit Pulses
      • Story of Courage Range
      • Call of the Second Age Targets
    • Lore-master
      • Cracked Earth Range
      • Burning Embers Range
      • Ancient Craft Targets
      • Fire-lore Targets
      • Bane Flare Targets
      • Wizard's Fire Pulses
      • Burning Embers Pulses
    • Hunter
      • Endurung Quick Shot Threat Down
      • Stealth Detection
      • Maximum Targets for AoE Skills
    • Guardian
      • Shield Wall Range
      • Targeted Melee Skill Range
      • Guardian Area Effect Melee Targets
      • Guardian Bleed Pulses
      • Challenge Targets
    • Warden
      • Dark Before Dawn Power Restored
      • Exultation of Battle Threat Up
      • Javelin Skills Max Range
    • Rune-keeper
      • Pulses Prelude to Hope
      • Vivid Imagery Targets



  • Corrected text for all Supreme proficiency craft profession tutorial hints.
  • An issue where greater crafted relic recipe scrolls became unusable after obtaining Westfold mastery has been fixed.


  • All crafted campfires now provide additional out-of-combat morale and power regeneration boosts while the campfire is active.


  • Corrected the plural name of Westfold Nestad Infused Parchment.
  • Slightly reduced the physical and tactical mitigations found on all “Steadfast Protector” / “Iron Will” Spear, Shield, and Fist Warden Carvings.
  • Corrected crafting panel categories for the following Woodworker recipes: Westfold Bow, Westfold Club.
  • We have removed the rare component as a necessary portion of crafting the baseline tier 7 pibgorn.


  • Corrected the icon and description for the following recipe: Wyrmscale Cloak.




  • New Lore-master parable recipes are now available for the Scholar profession. Novice Scholar trainers sell the Journeyman recipe while higher tier versions can be found in treasure.


  • Quest reward items with very long names now get more space to show the name in. If they have to be truncated with a “...” anyway, the tooltip will now be the correct item examination tooltip instead of just the name.


  • Scaling items from instances are no longer marked as Unique, allowing multiple versions of them to exist in your vault or pack.
  • Housing Decorations - The firework launchers for exterior housing decorations have been updated with bigger and more impressive firework fx.

Quests & Deeds

  • Carreglyn - Punishing the Wicked: Previously, if someone spawned the boss fight, but a second player actually tagged and killed the boss, the first player could not complete the quest. The boss now can be respawned.
  • Carreglyn - Munfaeril's Warning: There was a bugged that caused a player to not be able to get their quest rewards upon completion. If two players used the same copy of Munfaeril to complete the wrapper, the second player's events got switched so that they spoke to Munfaeril first and used the shrine second, which broke the rewards screen. Now multiple players can complete their quest off the same copy of Munfaeril (if she is not present, the shrine must still be used to summon her, but completion will happen correctly.)
  • There was a further complication with Punishing the Wicked, which caused the boss to remain stuck in NPC mode. This is being resolved by causing the entire encounter to despawn immediately if combat ends (due to player death, Hide in Plain Sight or other combat-ending skill). The detection hotspot also now has a cooldown of three minutes before it resets the encounter.
  • The two hostile mobs in Lower Barnavon that were put there due to overwhelming player feedback have been removed due to overwhelming player feedback.
  • Starkmoor Quest Completion deed quest count has been brought down a little bit more since the patch to match other Dunland/Gap/Isengard zones better.
  • Quests: Book 14, Chapter 6: Laerdan now holds his bow properly.
  • Forochel - Quest: “Cold as Death” - Frost-rimmed Braziers can only be used to summon Delucheleg when you have the quest.
  • Moria - The Forgotten Treasury - Deeds can now be started by players of level 50 and above (down from 55).
  • The three level 75 repeatable quests in Galtrev, “The Defense of Galtrev”, “Glinting in Forgotten Pools” & “The Forges of Isengard”, now give Legendary Item titles, relics and runes as rewards. Also, the quest “The Forges of Isengard” now gives reputation with Theodred's Riders.

Source: Update 5, Armies of Isengard - Official