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Level: 78
Instance: Draigoch's Lair

Type: Arch-nemesis
Genus: Dragon-kind
Species: Dragon

Morale: 9,138,460
Power: 76,209
Advanced Stats
Alignment: ( Evil )
Combat Effectiveness:
Finesse: Unknown
F.M. Immune: False
Stun/Mez Imm.: True
Root Immune: True
Cry: Fair
Song: Good
Tactical: Good
Physical: Feeble
Common: Average AncientDwarf: Average
Fire: Average Beleriand: Average
Light: Average Westernesse: Average
Shadow: Average Frost: Average
Lightning: Average

Level of Lore-master reporting: ( )  


Draigoch (Dunlendish for Red Dragon) can be found within the raid Draigoch's Lair in Enedwaith. He is the only boss of the instance.

For details on navigating the lair, see Draigoch's Lair: Layout.


Draigoch's Hoard You're walking through Draigoch's vast treasure hoard. (upon entering the basement floor where the gold is piled up)
After defeating Draigoch the following effect will be active,  Draigoch's Treasure Hoard.


Two tank classes are recommended, as well as multiple burglars. Bring pots, pots, and more pots (expect to spend an hour or more). Note: Many well coordinated Kins can now fell Dragioch in under 30 mins)

The overall gist is you need to reach his body to take him out, which means prying his claws off the wall, knocking him down and stunning him for a minute, then repeat.

The entrance is a classic video game mechanism, don't step into his gaze (the light beams). A character caught in Draigoch’s gaze receives unpreventable damage amounting to 100% character’s morale (as of U21).

After you wind your way down to the side platform and six people have arrived, you can go through and drop down.

The main tank and a healer (an off-healer like a Captain or perhaps even a Lore-master will work as well) stay on this level, the top level. Using the chest starts the fight, so wait until everyone is in position below. Don't enter the treasure hoard area when he's ready for you!

The tank should be the only one in line of sight of Draigoch's head, with others in sight of the tank, but not the dragon. When he announces fire, move in the opposite direction from which way he initially turns to avoid being toasted, then the tank needs to be ready at the next position to tank the head or a cave in will ensue.

When Draigoch is knocked from the wall, don't go down, but return to the initial platform with the chest. If the tank isn't there when he returns, Draigoch will cause a cave-in, with a massive AoE to the group and much sadness.

The rest of group will tank and spank a front claw on the middle level. If he turns, they need to move to the new location (by going down and back up) per the main tank's directions. Avoid any spots of fire on the platforms. Draigoch will bite the "downstairs" tank that's on his claw periodically.

After the two front claws, repeat for the back claws on the ground floor.

When Draigoch falls, it's safe to enter the treasure hoard while he's stunned (60 seconds). Everyone can attack Draigoch's body. Burglars can execute conjunctions (fellowship maneuvers) to weaken him every 20 seconds. A burglar will need to be trained Gambler (Blue Line) with enough points in Mischief Maker (Yellow Line) to gain the Counter Defense trick. The burglar's goal is to always place Reveal Weakness and Counter Defense on the target, especially when opening Fellowship Maneuvers. If the group is running a solo-burglar, it will be necessary for the Burglar to use Marbles (as a backup of level 75 strength or higher) and trait for Exposed Throat.

When he revives, flee to the nearest exit and regroup to repeat the attacks on his claws. The order of conjunctions:

  1. These cause +100% melee damage, +50% range/tactical damage to a claw
    1. - Just a Flesh Wound
    2. - First Blood
    3. - Surgical Strike
    4. - A Slight Sting
  2. These stack +25% melee, +12.5% other damage to his body
    1. - Exposed
    2. - A Snail Out of its Shell
    3. - Deep Wounds
    4. - A Chink in the Armour
  3. These each damage him for 5% of his maximum morale
    1. - The Sound of Inevitability
    2. - Twisting the Dagger
    3. - Sudden Death
    4. - Stroke of Midnight

The fight is broken down into 3 phases:

Phase 1 is as described as above. Every time the dragon falls to the floor, you can perform 2 CJ's. When Dragoich gets down to about 3.2 million health, you enter Phase 3. Transitions between phases can also be determined by Draigoch's calls. For example, he calls out "Scatter then, rats, hide in your maze!" between Phase 1 and 2.

Phase 2 is different than phase 1 in the fact that he hits harder and any delay in tanking the head will result in a wipe. The tell for which direction to move next is also different. The tank must call out the direction of the nearest claw Draigoch puts up on the platform.

Phase 3 is fought out on the treasure room floor. The Tank must control the head again, or the fellowship will wipe. During every transition (gold flying around in the wind) all members must gather on a little spot at the rear of the dragon. When the storm is over, the main tank and healer return to the head, and the rest of the fellowship continue to take out each claw. After the 10th CJ, no more are needed and can be ignored. Note: during the storm, you exit combat and can eat food. Repeat until Draigoch's morale is gone.

In the event you loose a member don't freak out. During phase 1 and 2 there is just enough time to resurrect once between his jump from one platform to the other. Also there is ample time after he wakes back up from being knocked down, to the time he reengages the platforms to resurrect once as well. During phase 3 there is a brief period (when damaging the claws) when he will jump into the air. This period of "out of combat" is just enough time to fit one resurrection in as well. Remember if you release from an incapacitation you will not be allowed to renter the cavern until the end of the fight or until the raid wipes.

Challenge Mode

Instead of modifying any input so far, I've created this section. Challenge mode is done at Tier 2 with only 12 members. It's recommended to have at least 1 tank, 2 burglars, 2 healers, and 1 captain. Optionally, you can put a hunter in each group to run through the tunnels faster. It will be up to the tank whether they would like a full healer, a captain, or no one up on the top level with him, as it is possible to tank Draigoch's head without him actually attacking the tank.

One group should have both burglars and be designated to do FMs, and an order should be established for the members of that group in order to execute FMs in the correct orders. The raid leader should post the order just before Draigoch is down to remind who has what position. An example would be "1. Bob 2. Bill 3. Buford 4. Billybob 5. Bobbybill 6. Phil". Each time an FM is triggered, each member will contribute whatever colour is needed for their spot. For the first FM, First Blood (YYYYYR), Bill has spot 2, which will be yellow, but for the fourth FM, A Slight Sting (YRYYRY), his colour is red. Once each FM is completed, a text will display on the screen, indicating it was successful. The raid leader should then change to the next FM in the order so they can all be done in sequence and avoid any repeats.

Once everyone is buffed up, assign a DPS leader to attack Draigoch's claws, and mark him so people can easily see where to go (most popular target marking is the Sun). The order of claws is generally always starting at Draigoch's Front Left Claw, then moving to Front Right, then down to the bottom level to attack his Rear Claws. While attacking, it's important to stay as close together as possible, directly on top of the DPS leader, as Draigoch's attacks deal distributed damage. Standing on top of each other will reduce the damage to individuals, making the healer's life a lot easier.

In order to avoid being attacked as you pass by an active claw, always attack the first one you come across as you're running along the bottom level. As an example, as soon as you take out Draigoch's Front Claws, usually you would go downstairs and come across his Rear Right Claw first. By the time you get to that claw, however, or damage it significantly, Draigoch will be ready to move. If he moves left, the group will need to go left to meet his Rear claws as he lands. The group should focus on the first claw they will be coming up to, which would be the Rear Left Claw instead of the Right.

One last note about taking out Draigoch's Claws. Occasionally you will come across a pool of fire right about where you would be in melee range to attack a Claw. On the middle level, the safe spot to be in melee range will be to the right of the pool, close to the edge of the platform. Ensure that the DPS lead is in the safe spot so people will know where to stand. On the bottom level, you can attack the Claws right in front of it as the pool will be a bit further in, just be careful not to go too far in as you will be standing in the pool at that point.

Once all 4 Claws are defeated, Draigoch will fall to the middle of the floor, and the DPS group will be able to attack his body. To start with, it's best that everyone in the tank's group auto-attack or not attack at all in order to give the FM group the chance to initiate an FM. As soon as it is triggered, the DPS lead should let the tank group know to start attacking. After the FM is completed, Draigoch will be immune to FMs for 20 seconds. When the immunity is about to wear off, the DPS lead should inform the tank group to again hold off on attacking for the next FM to be triggered.

Draigoch will be down for a total of 80 seconds, so 2 FMs are generally done each time he is downed. Once the 2 are completed and a few more seconds of attacks are done, the group should exit the floor in a WNW direction. There will be an opening with a diagonal bar of rock in it that you should look for, as it leads straight out to the path going up to the middle level and Draigoch's Front Claws. Repeat this same process throughout Phases 1 and 2.

The tank (and healer if one is up top) will keep Draigoch's Head targeted the whole time. When the Head becomes untargetable, he is about to move. Side note: if you are a healer up with the tank, watch the tank's Target Assist. As soon as the Head becomes untargetable, run to the tank so you can stay with him. As Draigoch moves, he fills the cavern you're standing in with fire, and being even a second behind the tank could mean you'll be caught up in those flames and die.

Back to tanking. In Phase 1, right after Draigoch's Head becomes untargetable, he will jump to one side of the opening. If he jumps to YOUR left, he will be moving right, and vice versa. Make sure that you move first and as you're running tell the rest of the group where he's moving, for the same reason as above: being in the cavern too long can incinerate you. Also, it's not as important that the DPS group be at the Claws right when they land as it is for you to be at the Head.

Phase 2 ( 4.8 million morale)

During the second phase, when the Head becomes untargetable, you will need to watch the platform in front of you. If Draigoch puts his left claw on the platform (the claw to YOUR right), he will be moving right, and vice versa. He may have his other claw on a stalagmite, which can confuse some people, but always look at the flat platform you're standing on, which will tell you. Again, always start running first so you don't get caught up in the fire.

Phase 3 (3.2 million morale)

Draigoch will begin by saying "Cowards! Stand and fight me!" This part of the fight will take place on the floor of the treasure room. The tank will need to hop down and finally join the group once his morale goes below the 3.2M threshold, which the DPS lead should already be informing. The DPS group in the middle of the floor hitting Draigoch's Body doesn't really need to move anywhere for the start of the phase as he will be setting fire to the gold in a large ring around him. The tank will take up his Head again while the DPS group always stays underneath his body and attacks the Claws from the inside. There are fire pools all over outside his body, so be sure to stay in.

Draigoch will move more often in this phase, still going only 90 degrees left or right. Once he becomes untargetable, all group members should run back to where his tail just WAS. You will be out of combat in case you need to eat or any rez's need to be done, and you will be in a shower of coins that damages you, so be careful about your morale as you cannot avoid this damage. The tank can point his camera straight up to look at Draigoch, who will turn left or right and come down again, so he can be ready to pick up Draigoch's head again.

Once all 12 FMs have been completed, you can simply wail on Draigoch's Body and ignore any FMs that are triggered. After you've defeated his Body, everyone will need to evacuate the treasure floor. Draigoch will make a final attempt to kill you, and he will if you're out on the floor. Once it's safe to go out, allow the raid leader to loot the chests and spread the wealth.

Draigoch in subsequent updates

As of U21, a cap-leveled character does so much damage that Draigoch’s Body can be killed fast enough without any Fellowship Maneuvers. When going for the challenge deed, make a note to NOT damage the Body until the deed is completed.


Introduction text:
"There you are."
"What's this? Come for your share of riches? Seek you your place in history, as a slayer of dragons? Know you not who I am?"
"Allow me to introduce myself."
"Long have I ruled these lands. Ancient were my forebears, and many the ages that have passed beneath my wings!"
Mighty was Smaug the Golden, brought unto ruin by mischief and trickery, and still I, I persist! My fire burns bright as ever!"

During the fight:

"Insolent worms! Think you that you can harm me?"

"I shall scorch you until nothing remains."

"Scatter then, rats, hide in your maze!"

"My breath is death and your lives are but a trifle in my presence."

Upon defeat:
"To the last, wretches, even in death, I shall not be bested!"
"With my last breath, I will make ashes of you!"
"With my demise, you will know the crushing weight of your failure..."
"Mightiest am I, and mightiest shall I remain!"
"None shall face me and live!"
"To the last."

Quest Involvement


Completing this instance rewards with 59 Medallions and 22 Seals. Completing challenge mode rewards with an additional 176 Medallions and 43 Seals. Also level appropriate rare, incomparable or epic Enhancement Runes will drop.

On top of that, the chests will drop a selection of the following items, which can be rolled for:

Along with these treasures very rare barter items can drop which you can hand in at Bill Whitethorn:


Draigoch is a great dragon lurking in the caves of the Misty Mountains in Thrór's Coomb. The Draig-lûth have been sighted bringing offerings of treasure to his lair, and he is beginning to awaken.


Bug-out Information

Draigoch has two bugs to be aware of. First, often Draigoch will have no numbers in his health bar. For this purpose; Draigoch will phase at 3/4 hp, and 1/3 hp. The second bug is annoying and the fix is unavoidable. If in the case that the raid wipes (dies and resets Draigoch) he will bug. Or, if his body bleeds to death wile damaging the claws. The fix for this is the same. Disband the raid and reform. Sorry but there isn't any way around it. If the raid wipes do everyone a solid and save some time and frustration, restart the raid.

As of U21, all 4 Draigoch’s Claws can be defeated in one go. While this allows for fast runs, this may also lead to various bugs. For a bug-safe run you might want to confine to defeating two Claws at a time.

6-man Draigoch Raid (12-man Instance) Tier 2 Challenge

Very doable with with a tight group of players. Same as a 24 or 12 man raid, you will need a tank, healer, and burglar(s). When Draigoch is dropped after defeating claws, the tank should drop straight down into the pit with everyone else. After the second maneuver the tank should head out immediately due 10 0-clock through the opening (in the wall) with a beam sitting diagonally through its center. Follow the ramp up to the second floor and turn right to reach the west platform in time.

Until the first 8 Fellowship Maneuvers are completed, refrain from damaging the body. Once the first 8 maneuvers are completed STOP completing maneuvers and damage the body until he enters Phase 3. Once in Phase 3 continue with the last 4 Fellowship Maneuvers, DO NOT deal damage (to the body) until the last 4 maneuvers are finished. If he bleeds out before you finish the maneuvers he will bug-out and if he doesn't then you will loose the Tier 2 Challenge.

Rune Keepers and Minstrels make great healers, however, in the case of a 6-man Draigoch Run, a Beorning is invaluable! Relentless Maul's group heal when trained is unparalleled, and you will not be sorry during Phase 3. Lore-master should use ONLY their Raven Pet for buffs. Leave the Bog-lurker at home, opening maneuvers willie-nillie will only frustrate the tank.

FM order should be organized: Burglar(s), DPS, Healer, Tank. This is to give the tank and the healer plenty of time to join the maneuvers.