Update 5.1 - January 17, 2012

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Release Notes


  • Simplified the naming of patches. Patches will now be a point release. Example: Instead of Update 5, Patch 1, this , Update 5.1.
  • Addressed several of issues that led to unintended gameplay in a number of instances.
  • If you have a lootbox you couldn't destroy, you should be able to now.
  • Lootboxes have had all dyes removed from their tables.
  • Parties assigning loot in Master Looter mode will now see who is receiving an assigned item.
  • If you are using [enable movement assistance] when using a ranged attack, you won't run all the way into melee range before using the skill.
  • Players successfully dealing with this will now be required to deal with that.
  • If you are using [enable movement assistance] when using a melee attack, you won't run through your target anymore.
  • Addressed a number of typos. Probably added some new ones.





  • Pibgorn typos have been fixed. No longer without capital letters or references to lutes.
  • Damage on the Minstrel Codas has been returned near pre-U5 levels. The animation change resulted in a greater portion of the damage being removed than was intended.
  • Minstrel Codas should no longer strip all Minstrels’ buffs from the fellowship when they are in fellowships together.


  • The Warden armor set "Armour of the Thamen" will no longer apply its benefit to the entire fellowship when using conviction.

Monster Play

Fixed a bug caused by adjustments to the Creep Armor values. Creep armor has been increased and mitigations are now returned to their original values. (NOTE- you will see +/-1% due to rounding).

Raids, Instances, Skirmishes


Tower of Orthanc

  • Shadow Ring tooltips have been updated.
  • Lightning Ring tooltips have been updated.
  • Frost Ring tooltips have been updated.
  • Fire Ring buff is +25% devastate chance not +100%
  • Acid Water in Extermination Pit boss fight will no longer randomly be absorbed
  • Saruman’s elemental shift will stop when the ring is destroyed.
  • Ring UI will disappear when the ring is destroyed.
  • Kalbak now has escort style vitals.
  • Shadow/Light will not re-trigger in throne room.
  • The Orrery housing item’s scale has been adjusted.
  • Lab exit door stays open after the boss’s death.
  • Bukots escort vitals disappear on death.
  • The "Thorn in the Hand" quest line has been marked with group sizes,
  • Kalbak will reset cooldowns on initial approach.
  • Giant bosses will now start as Dunlendings and then grow.
  • Physics on tower housing item have been adjusted.
  • Throne housing trophy has been adjusted.
  • Conductivity (lightning challenge) re-bestows properly.
  • Lightning crystals are now targetable.
  • The steam in the lightning boss has had its visibility adjusted.
  • Acid Tier 2: Adds will appropriately respawn in 10 seconds if they are not all killed.
  • Acid: Increased the warning on geysers.
  • Lightning: All crystals are now within line of sight.
  • Fire/Frost: The tiering down of Gathered Rage now has more obvious FX.

Draigoch's Lair

  • Adjustment to logic that should lessen the likelihood of him going braindead

Helegrod: Dragon

  • Removed an extraneous quest.


The Foundry

  • From time to time, the first boss adds could be stuck in Drama, making it difficult to access the levers.
  • Deed - Commanders of the Foundry now will advance in Tier 1 if you complete Tier 2.
  • VO and text now appears on entry to instance is now playing/appearing.
  • Penrith now activates his ability when he is at the forge. Please note, this will make the 3rd boss encounter more challenging in both tier 1 and tier 2.
  • Gurbak will now force everyone in the boss arena into combat.
  • Previously, if you were to use "Hide in Plain Sight" as the last person alive, the fight would reset, but not begin again until someone walked near the entrance. Now, players will no longer need to walk back to the entrance of the 1st and 3rd boss fights to re-engage the boss.
  • Associated quests now display the correct group size.
  • Alerts in Dark Ring-Forge encounter have been reworded.
  • Gurbnak will no longer lose his weapon.
  • Stumble debuff Icon changed.

Dargnákh Unleashed

  • Fixed several stuck spots in the encounter
  • Torch room was slightly redesigned: Torches will now spawn on a longer timer, from fewer locations. Torches will also now spawn on the floor level.
  • Clarified the text for the deeds in Dargnákh Unleashed so it is now more apparent what it is players need to do.
  • Huva has gained the ability to restore power, and silence his foes.
  • Dargnákh now has a different death animation.
  • Dargnákh on Tier 1 difficulty will now be a bit gentler when he pounds your face into the ground.
  • Dargnákh will no longer close his doors after repeatedly killing your fellowship for more than a half hour.

Inn of the Forsaken


  • Slightly increased the Currency rewards in "Attack at Dawn", "Battle of the Way of Smiths", "Stand at Amon Sûl", "Siege of Gondamon" and "Rescue in Nurz Ghashu".
  • Slightly decreased the Currency rewards in "Breaching the Necromancer's Gate."
  • Defenders will now properly grant Currency when a Skirmish is completed. The more defenders you protected, the more you will receive. Such Skirmishes have had their rewards distributions adjusted. In general, if you keep the majority of the defenders alive, you will be granted an above average award for the Skirmish.
  • Protecting the defenders in a Skirmish will now properly award Marks and sometimes Medallions.
  • Skirmish Tier 1 and Tier 2 effects no longer reference deprecated tokens.

Skirmish Defensive Tutorial

  • Death penalty is back to marks and not dread.

Siege of Gondamon

  • All defenders leave once the final wave arrives.


  • A new chat option is available from the options panel that will display the timestamp of each message in a chat window and chat logs. This functionality will be disabled by default.
  • The Event Panel and Event Quickslots can now be moved via clicking and dragging the top of them instead of requiring you to be in UI editing mode (CTRL+\). This will cause the elements to revert to their default locations but after dragging them back to where you would like, they will once again save their locations.
  • The tooltips for the event tracking panel will now appear when mousing over the elements. Furthermore, the event tracking panel will absorb any mouse clicks so if you click it somewhere other than the drag bar, it won't cause you to deselect your target.


  • Unique Rune of Power, Singular Rune of Power and Extraordinary Rune of Power now increase both Physical and Tactical Mastery. The Physical Mastery stats have been slightly reduced to make room.
  • Remarkable Gem of Charity now displays bonus Power in its tooltip. It was formerly granting bonus Power, but it was not being displayed.
  • Fireworks consumables can once again be placed in storage and traded between characters.
  • Fixed a problem with high level Warden Shields (of incomparable quality). They had an error in their armor tables which allowed for lesser armor values less than rare versions.
  • Armor Sets now have more appropriate icons.
  • Burglar - Boots of the Gambler are now properly set as Medium Armour with Medium Armour values.
  • Champion - Pauldrons of the Othrod now have the same armour value as Pauldrons of Ruithador and Delualagos.
  • Rune-keeper - Robe of the Eglerin now gives Tactical Mastery in place of Physical Mastery.
  • Captain - The Leader's Sabatons now correctly says it is Heavy Armour.
  • Hunter - The Huntsman's Boots, Boots of the Trapper and The Bowmaster's Boots were giving heavy armour values. This has been corrected.
  • All Lore-master and Rune-keeper casual isengard gear, light, should have the textures showing on them appropriately now (huf/elf)
  • Cuthor will now be of Incomparable quality, to reflect where it drops.
  • Some Update 5 Weapons have seen their DPS increase slightly.
  • Some Update 5 Shields and Clothing items have seen their Armour values increase slightly.
  • Lavanham will give stats more appropriate to where it drops.
  • Burglar - The Shoulder Guards of the Cabeddan now give the same stats as the Tasdan and Dinhigil variants, and will cost the appropriate amount to acquire.


  • You will now be automatically dismounted if you try to collect a crafting resource node while mounted.
  • An issue where greater crafted relic recipe scrolls became unusable after obtaining Westfold mastery has been fixed.

Legendary Items

  • You can once again barter for LIs that don't match your class.

Events and Festivals

Treasure Hunt

  • The berry respawn has been increased.
  • Track Treasure is now blocked in the area.
  • The Dowsing Gem's cooldown has been reduced.
  • Emotes are now bound to your account.
  • Picks from treasure and quests stack.


Town Services, NPCs, Vendors

Instance Finder

  • An issue in Instance Finder where player names were sometimes showing "Unknown" in the chat spew indicating what role everyone was assigned at the beginning of the instance has been resolved. Also, the leader now sees chat spew for each player joining in - prior to now, it was all except the first.
  • Instance Finder: 3-player groups formed by Instance Finder for the following kinds of encounters now require both a healer *and* a tank: Skirmishes on tier 3, other instances on tier 2
  • Instance Finder: Fixed a bug that caused players with pre-made fellowships to sometimes not be able to actually hit "Ready" to get into an encounter immediately.
  • Instance Finder will no longer match you with players on your Ignore List.

Source: Update 5.1, Official