Quest:Instance: The Wizard's Vale

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Instance: The Wizard's Vale
Level 72
Type Session Play
Starts with Acca
Starts at Dungeons
Start Region Isengard Depths
Map Ref [77.2S, 34.0E]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

The Wizard's Vale
"I was the steward of Saruman's household, and ran his affairs from day to day. I was accorded high honour, and would still were it not for Gríma, the Wormtongue."


Acca is telling you the story of his downfall as the steward of Saruman's household.

Objective 1

You are Gríma Wormtongue, advisor and servant to Saruman the White. He has been visited by Radagast the Brown, and you and Acca are waiting to hear if your master has any commands for you.

Acca: 'They have been long in conversation, Gríma. What do you think they are speaking about?'
Acca says, "What is that, Gríma? You want to get closer?"
  • Creep closer with Acca and listen to the conversation of the Wizards
Acca says, "All right, but just a little closer."
Saruman says, "The world is growing more dangerous every day, Radagast."
Saruman says, "You must have sensed it."
Radagast says, "I have, Saruman, I have!"
Radagast says, "My friends in the woodland are restless. Something has made them uneasy."
Saruman says, "I know what has made them so."
Saruman says, "The Nine are abroad once more."
Radagast says, "The Nazgûl!"
Acca says, "The Nine? The nine what?"
  • Talk to Acca in the gardens of Isengard
Acca: 'Could you make any sense of that, Gríma? Our master holds you in closer confidence that he does me. Have you heard nothing of these matters?
'I need not be counted among the Wise to know that they have Radagast worried, and that gives me reason to worry as well.
'I am sure our master will know what must be done. That is why he is the Wizard, and we are the servants! We know our place, do we not? We do!'

Objective 2

  • Listen to Saruman's commands

You have overheard Saruman speaking of some troubling things, but Acca can make no sense of them.

Saruman says, "My servants, come here."
Saruman says, "They are disguised as riders in black and seek a land called Shire."
Saruman says, "Find Gandalf. Tell him I will help, if he needs me."
Radagast says, "I will leave at once, and if fortune smiles, I will find him before it is too late!"
Saruman says, "Acca, show Radagast to his horse. Gríma, stay here a moment."

Objective 3

  • Talk to Saruman in the gardens of Isengard

Saruman is in the gardens of Isengard and wants to speak with you.

Saruman: 'It is done. Radagast will find Gandalf, if he is to be found, and I doubt not he will speed with all haste here to Isengard.
'There are some other small matters I need you to attend to before my guest arrives....'

Objective 4

  • Listen to Acca continue his tale

Acca's story continues.

Acca: 'Gríma did not think Radagast would find Gandalf, but I knew he would.'
Acca: 'At last, in Midsummer, Gandalf himself came to Isengard.'

Objective 5

  • Talk to Acca near the gates of Isengard

Acca is waiting to speak with you.

Acca: 'Our master was right, Gríma! The guards report that Gandalf was seen riding hard alongside the river, and now he is here! Radagast has done as he was asked!
'Let us go meet Gandalf and bring him to Orthanc!'
Acca says, "Let us go to meet Gandalf, Gríma!"
  • Walk with Acca to meet Gandalf at the gate
Acca says, "Gandalf!"
Acca says, "Welcome to the Ring of Isengard!"
Gandalf says, "I came as quickly as I was able. Worrisome tidings drew me hither!"
Gandalf says, "Your master is the head of my order. I need his wisdom."
Acca says, "His knowledge will be at your disposal, Gandalf! I know it will."
Acca says, "His library is extensive. The walls of Orthanc are lined with books and tomes."
Acca says, "He has made a study of artifacts strange and mysterious, and they --"
Gandalf says, "Did I ride with such haste so I might have the time to enjoy this account of yours?"
Gandalf says, "Age has not slowed your speech, Acca, nor given you the sense when speed is called for!"
Acca says, "Oh! I am sorry, Gandalf, I forget myself!"
Acca says, "I will bring you to my master, and Gríma will see to your horse."

Objective 6

You are to take care of Gandalf's horse while Acca brings the Wizard to speak with Saruman.

Gandalf's Horse: Gandalf's horse is tired from its long journey and will benefit from a stay in the stables with food and water.

Objective 7

  • Listen to Acca's story continue
Acca: 'Gríma saw that Gandalf's horse was stabled, and I walked with the Wizard.'
Acca: 'He spoke lightly of many things, but I could see that he was troubled.'

Objective 8

  • Talk to Acca outside Orthanc

Acca is near the steps of Orthanc, listening to the conversation of Gandalf and Saruman. You should speak with him.

Acca: 'Gandalf seems much older than I remember from his last visit, older and weaker. Look at him there, then look at our master. See how Saruman's raiment glows! Gandalf's cloak seems so tattered.
'It is charitable of our master to offer his wisdom to the Grey Wizard. Perhaps he could offer some finer clothing, as well!'
Acca says, "If we get closer, we might hear what they are saying!"
  • Listen to Saruman and Gandalf outside Orthanc
Gandalf says, "You sent troubling words to me by way of Radagast, Saruman."
Gandalf says, "You cannot intend to make me sit upon the steps of Orthanc like a patient vendor!"
Saruman says, "I would not make that mistake, Gandalf. I know the well of your patience, and it is dry."
Saruman says, "I have seen what awaits this Middle-earth."
Saruman says, "Ascend, Gandalf. We will discuss these matters beyond the hearing of my servants."

Objective 9

  • Talk to Saruman on the steps of Orthanc

Saruman is on the steps of Orthanc.

Saruman: 'Stay out from underfoot. I do not want to be disturbed until I send for you.'

Objective 10

  • Listen to Acca's story continue

Listen to Acca continue his story.

Acca: 'I do not know what they discussed in that high chamber.'
Acca: 'Afterwards, only Saruman remained free to come and go as he pleased.'

Objective 11

  • Talk to Acca on the pinnacle of Orthanc

Acca has come to the pinnacle of Orthanc with a basket of bread for Gandalf. You should talk to him.

Acca: 'No, I will not be dissuaded, Gríma. He is an old man and does not deserve this treatment at the hands of our master. If Saruman fears Gandalf plans to hatch an evil plot, keep him imprisoned, yes, but in comfortable quarters. The pinnacle is exposed to the elements. It is cruel treatment, not befitting Saruman the Wise.
'It is not our place to challenge Saruman's decisions, but I will do what I can to ease Gandalf's stay with us. An extra ration of bread will do no harm.
'There is no need to tell Saruman of this, of course.'
  • Watch as Acca brings Gandalf an extra ration of bread
Acca says, "Gandalf...Gandalf, I have brought you some bread."
Acca says, "Gandalf?"
Gandalf says, "Bread does not interest me, Steward."
Gandalf says, "Can you give me freedom from Isengard? Only that would I welcome!"
Gandalf says, "I cannot spend the rest of summer pacing this rooftop!"
Gandalf says, "There is work I must do! Do you understand me? I cannot stay here!"
Acca says, "It is the will of my master Saruman that you stay here."
Gandalf says, "Saruman...."
Gandalf says, "He has left the path of wisdom."
Gandalf says, "He was not content with his station, and now styles himself Saruman of Many Colours?"
Gandalf says, "He boasts of forging his own ring and seeks to challenge Sauron for dominance?"
Gandalf says, "Madness."
Gandalf says, "Thank you for the bread, Acca."
Acca says, "You are welcome, Gandalf. My master must soon come to his senses and will give you your freedom."

Objective 12

  • Talk to Acca on the pinnacle of Orthanc

Acca wants to speak with you on the pinnacle of Orthanc.

Acca: 'Promise me that you will not tell our master about this. We have done nothing wrong, of course, but there is no sense in disturbing him. What is one more loaf of bread? No one will miss it.'

Objective 13

  • Listen to Acca's story continue

Acca's story continues.

Acca: 'Gríma gave me his word that he would keep my confidence.'
Acca: 'Gríma was a liar.'

Objective 14

  • Find Saruman within Orthanc and tell him of Acca's sympathies

You must find Saruman within Orthanc and tell him of Acca's sympathies.

Saruman: Saruman listens as you breathlessly recount Acca's recent delivery of a loaf of bread to Gandalf, and their ensuing conversation. His face is a thundercloud.
'Why did you allow Acca to do this? Dog! What would you have done if he allowed Gandalf to come down? What would have been your answer if my worthless steward had freed him?'
Saruman masters his anger, but his tone is no less stern.
'From this point onward, none will climb the steps to the pinnacle save myself. I will have Acca thrown in the dungeons, where he will have time enough to consider this betrayal. He will have not even a crust to chew upon. Let him eat slop instead.
'You will perform Acca's duties in his stead, until I have others for you. And I will, Gríma. Soon you will return to your homeland. But not yet.'
Acca: 'I was taken into the dungeons that very night, and I have been here ever since.'