Quest:Chapter 10: Herdsmen of the Starkmoor

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Chapter 10: Headsmen of the Starkmoor
Level 69
Type Solo
Starts with Nona
Starts at Pren Gwydh
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [80.7S, 18.1W]
Ends with Nona
Ends at Starkmoor
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [81.1S, 20.8W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Danger seems to follow you wherever you go, <name>. I like that. I will be Wadu's Ghost and defeat the true enemies of Dunland: faithless clans who swear loyalty to Saruman.

'The land to the west is called the Starkmoor. You say that Lheu Brenin wished to know the state of its herds? There are many herd-animals in the Starkmoor, and he who controls them will have much food production close at hand. Enough for an army? Aye.

'There is a farmhouse in the north-west corner of the Starkmoor, among the hills. I have seen it from afar. I will meet you there, and we can scout for the information Lheu Brenin desires to know.'


Nona has agreed to accompany you on your information-gathering journey through Dunland for Lheu Brenin.

Objective 1

Nona is by the farmhouse in the northwestern reaches of Starkmoor.

Nona has agreed to meet you in the Starkmoor to scout for the information Lheu Brenin needs.

Nona: 'The herds of Starkmoor feed many of the clans of Dunland. If this farmland is held by those loyal to Saruman, he will have a source of food for his armies, but can also starve those who oppose him.
'Go up to the farmhouse at the top of the slope to the west and see how things stand, <name>. You should also scout some of the fields and enclosures nearby, to the west.'

Objective 2

  • Scout the farmhouse atop the northwest hill
  • Scout the sheep-enclosure
  • Scout the planted field

There is a farmhouse in the northwestern corner of the Starkmoor.

Nona wants you to scout the farmhouse atop the slope to the west to see if it is held by those loyal to Saruman.

The field is full of grains, planted but yet to be harvested
Some of the sheep have been killed and left to rot
The farmhouse has been abandoned by its rightful owners

Objective 3

  • Talk to Nona in the Starkmoor

Nona is by the farmland in the northwestern reaches of the Starkmoor.

You scouted the farmland in the northwestern Starkmoor and should speak with Nona.

Nona: 'I think this is what Lheu Brenin feared, <name>. The farms of the Starkmoor are not held by friendly clansmen any longer.
'The main trading settlement to the south may be similar, but we will not know it without going there.'