Quest:Instance: Passage into Dunland

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Instance: Passage into Dunland
Level 66
Type Solo
Starts with Dunlending Lookout
Starts at The North Pass
Start Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.0S, 22.1W]
Ends with Elain
Ends at The North Pass
End Region Dunland
Map Ref [74.1S, 22.0W]
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Passage into Dunland
"You have been invited to join a band of Dunlendings as you pass into Trum Dreng."


You have agreed to join this Dunlending band for a time.

Objective 1

The Dunlending band you have joined is in the fields of Trum Dreng.

Dunlending lookout: 'There are not many of us, but we are enough to stir up some trouble when we wish to! You will find that we value those who are strong and war-like, duvodiad or no.
'Come, I will bring you to the others.'

Objective 2

  • Follow the lookout

The Dunlending band you have joined is in the fields of Trum Dreng.

Dunlending Lookout says, "We value strong folk here, even Duvodiad."
Dunlending Lookout says, "You will find us a humble band of outcasts, but we have lofty hopes for ourselves."
Dunlending Lookout says, "Hail, brother! I have found a warrior upon the road who wishes to join us for a time."
Outcast says, "That is good tidings! This looks to be a stalwart sort of soldier."
Dunlending Lookout says, "I believe we have a much better chance at raiding Trum Dreng now!"
Outcast says, "Aye, I agree. Riches shall soon be ours!"
Dunlending Lookout says, "There is a little village nearby, you see. Lhan Tarren, if our maps speak true."
Dunlending Lookout says, "If the doe we trapped signifies, I would guess the village is of the Stag-clan. A soft lot."
Outcast Chief says, "Who is the stranger, lookout?"
Dunlending Lookout says, "An adventurer! This outsider wishes to help us, surely to reap riches from the pillaging."
Outcast Chief says, "An adventurer from foreign parts? You will indeed be a boon."
Outcast Chief says, "Doe! Tell us of your village. Where is the food? What of the warriors? Speak!"
Captive says, "A thousand curses upon you, Outcast! You do not frighten me."
Outcast Chief says, "Ha ha! The little doe does herself few favours."
Outcast Chief says, "Whether or not you speak up, girl, we will invade your puny village."
Outcast Chief says, "I might have spared your life, had you been more forthcoming."
Outcast Chief says, "You may question her if you wish, Duvodiad. Perhaps you will be more successful in extracting helpful information."
Captive says, "Stranger, I beg need not be part of this injustice."
There looks to be no honour in what the Dunlendings want you to do

Objective 3

The Dunlending captive wishes to speak with you.

Captive: 'You do not look so evil, Duvodiad. Please...if there is any good in you, free me! My village depends upon me; I am their chief huntress and protector.
'My weapons were taken from me, but I will help you fight. I beg you!'

Objective 4

  • Free the captive woman from her bonds

It seems best to free the captive and attempt to drive off this hostile band of Dunlending outcasts.

The Stag-clanswoman is free...prepare yourself for the wrath of the outcasts
Captive says, "Ah! Thank you!"
Captive says, "Come, let us drive out these fiends!"

Objective 5

  • Defeat the band of outcasts

You must defeat the band of brigands in order to save the innocent village from being raided.

Captive says, "Outcast! Now you do not catch me unaware."
Outcast Chief says, "A betrayer! Let this be a lesson to us: never trust duvodiad. Kill them both!"
Outcast says, "I am getting out of here!"
Outcast Chief says, "...Cowards and fools, all of them."
Outcast Chief says, "I have to do everything myself. Come at me, if you dare!"
Outcast Chief says, "Y-you will pay for this!"
You have defeated the chieftain of the Dunlending outcasts

Objective 6

  • Talk to the woman you freed

The woman from the Stag-clan wishes to thank you.

Captive: 'Thank you, friend. I am Elain...and you have the gratitude of myself and my village.
'Should you wish to, you may have refuge in Lhan Tarren for as long as you like. We do not normally invite strangers into our midst, but I will tell the Elder what you have done for us.'
Captive: 'Let us leave here.'