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The Nine Nazgûl at the battle of the Last Great Alliance
The Nine Nazgûl at the battle of the Last Great Alliance


The nine Nazgûl (sometimes called Ringwraiths or Gwetherain) arose as Sauron's most powerful servants in the Second Age of Middle-earth. It is said that three of the Nine were originally "great lords" of Númenor. All were powerful mortal Men to whom Sauron each gave one of the nine Rings of Power that were forged for Men. It was Sauron's design to control the Nine Rings through the power of his One Ring, forged in secret for this purpose.
In the Lord of the Rings trilogy by Tolkien, the Nine Nazgûl are sent to search the Shire for Frodo Baggins, and eventually track him down and chase the four Hobbits and Strider from Bree to the Lone-lands and to the Ford of Bruinen on their way to Rivendell. At Ford of Bruinen they lose their horses in a water wave raised by Elrond. Some of them return to their Master but some continue the journey to the north. After the Fellowship leaves Moria, three Nazgûl travel to Dol Guldur. One of them chased the Fellowship but Legolas kills his Fell-beast which crashed somewhere in the Wold. They have few chances to catch the Ring bearer but they fail. In the battle of Pelennor fields all nine Nazgûl participate but the Witch-king_of_Angmar is defeated at the hands of Éowyn and Merry. Several days after, in the Battle of Morannon all Nazgûl collapse after the Ring is destroyed in the fires of Orodruin.


Though the mortal names of the nine have been mostly lost to history, some have come to be known individually by fearsome monikers. Among these are:


The Nine during the Second Age

Appearances of Nazgûl throughout the Lord of the Rings Online:

  • Hobbit characters encounter a "Black Rider" during the beginning private instance in the Shire which leads to the shared introduction instance in Archet Dale. Another "Black Rider" appears toward the end of the beginning private instance for both Hobbits and Man characters. It is this Nazgûl that stabs the Ranger Amdir with a morgul-blade, leading to his transformation into a Cargûl later on in the storyline.
  • In Bree-land, early in Book 1, "Stirrings in the Darkness", five of the Nazgûl appear at the end of the quest Instance: Unravelling the Thread, where they complete Amdir's transformation into one of the Cargûl.
  • A Nazgûl appears near the end of Book 4, "Chasing Shadows", during the quest Instance: The Unmarked Trail, in a dialogue before the final fight. It is suggested by Legolas that this Nazgûl was once a king of Easterlings, and may thus be Khamûl, who also served as the Lieutenant of Dol Guldur.


"I call upon the Great Eye!"



  1. [1] ThePinion: "...the old Reaver needs to be changed to the Woe. When it came time to name one of the last ones we revealed (the Forsaken Reaver), we ended up having to ret-con that name as the Forsaken Reaver's original name didn't quite fit."